Where is our roll call .....Robin help!

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Where is our roll call .....Robin help!
Mon, 03-31-2003 - 3:08pm
Dear Robin

On our old board we used to have a roll call on top of the board. That really helped me to keep track of everybody and I used it often to see 'who is who'. Can we reinstall it in this board? Should I just start one? Should everybody post as 'new discussion' or should we open a new discussion?

And another question: why do I have to re-type my password every time, even though I put a little thing in the question box 'remember my password'?

Thanks so much, I am still struggling a bit with this new format and I feel a bit lost ... :-(



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Mon, 03-31-2003 - 6:13pm
Hey Lou-- I hate to say it, but I'm having trouble with this new system too. As we speak, parentsplace is fixing some "bugs" of the system. For example, half the time when I click on outline view my computer crashes! This is so frustrating! At least it is running a little faster. They are also suppose to be working in an expanded outline viewing which will allow you to see all the post in the outline not just todays. Ummm....lets see.... they are also trying eliminate all the pop up screens that happen as we click on each post.

I'm also having some other folders added to our board to help us sort out the information. I was kind of holding off a roll call until everyone was a little more comfortable with the board format. What we can do is pick a day of the week and label that post Roll call: April 1st. I can design it to look like the old one if you want. It's just that in order for me to see it like our old board...it has to be in outline format (which keeps crashing for me). I'm trying to see what works for us sweetie, I promise! I've been spending a lot of my time on the CL board getting update and making suggestions to make the boards better for us.

Feel free to start a new discussion under general each time a new subject comes up. If you are posting regarding a topic someone else has brought up, then post under their thread because that will bring that topic to the "top" of the general folder. Does that make sense? I'm not sure it made sense to me????

Lastly, I'm not sure about posting your password. I found out that each time I'm off the internet I have to sign in again. I guess it will let you know when you try to post if you have not signed in for awhile. Someone else may be able to answer this one better.

I've been on this board for almost two years...so I'm having to start all over again and learn this. If you have suggestions for me to submit to the "head leaders" I'll be happy to do that on behalf of this board. (((HUGS))) Hold tight! I'm trying to make it better for us. :)

Love, Robyn

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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 5:42am
Robyn I think you are doing a great job helping us through these first traumatic times with the new board ;-)!!! It's only logical that it will take some time.

The outline view works well for me. At least then there is less chance you will miss a reply, which is my biggest problem (I think) with current format. Replies are 'hidden' behind a subject, and I just miss things here and there.

I love the roll call you did above with the different groups. Now all we need is another one where we say our names, ages, kids, angels etc. But of course it can wait.

We'll get there in the end, I'm sure!!!

Love & hugs