Alaska 2012 - Day 1 Seattle

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Alaska 2012 - Day 1 Seattle
Wed, 08-08-2012 - 9:09am

Okay, I'm not moving fast.  :smileyhappy:   But I have gotten the first few days up on the Plus Size board.   I'm going to copy/paste as I go. . .

We arrived at the airport early. While lines were bad, they were not nearly as bad as they were over Thanksgiving.   Anyhow, as planned we did get there early enough to buy the girls breakfast there. They always seem to find this a treat.

Now let me go on record as saying, I have no idea what it is with the hand gesture in the pictures this year. Seems all 3 of them are doing the Hawaiian "shaka" sign instead of their usual thumbs up.   I keep forgetting to ask them if they worked this out together pre vacation, or if it just happened.   

Onward.. . . . ..

Girls posed with a statue of the airport's namesake, George Bush. Photobucket

Once on the plane I found my direct tv didn't work. :smileysad: I guess as long as the M&Ms worked we were good to go.

My plane buddy - Maddie. Photobucket

I watched the movie over her shoulder for something to do, but no sound still made it a some what long flight for me. Next time, I'll bring a book instead of counting on the tv.

When we landed the man sitting next to Maddie started to chat while we were waiting to get off the plane. Makayla stuck her head up over her seat to join in. He asked the girls which port they liked best in Alaska, Makayla told him "Jamaica". LOL.

When we got to Seattle, Marvin the limo driver was there waiting for us. John got to him first, and Marvin thanked us for asking for him - and apologized for not remembering us. Certainly nothing to apologize for considering how many he must drive. . but when both girls walked up, he remembered them. Seems a matching set of curly headed girls are more memorable. He and the girls hugged and before long we were on our way to the hotel.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

When we got to the hotel, at 4:30 pm, we were told our room was not ready yet - although check in time is suppose to be 4:00 pm. The front desk said she would get on the phone and get it for us asap. She took our number and told us to sit. So we did. After the flight, etc. I have to admit I got cranky while we were waiting. After 45 minutes of sitting there we saw our luggage go by and up the elevator. Okay. . .we have no room, so where is our luggage going? We went back up to the front desk and asked if our room was ready. . .the same woman, blank stare, said "we will call you when it is ready" We informed her we just saw our luggage go up the elevator, if we have no room we would like to know where it is going. She said "What is your name" we gave it. . .she started to punch around on her computer and said "Oh, I was just getting ready to call you, your room is ready". Okay, I am cranky by now - I'll admit it. But seriously, if she was getting ready to call us, wouldn't she have clicked when we gave our name? I know slights happen, I would never judge that - or let that bother me. But this sooooooo felt like lying it bothered me. But again, it has been a long day.

This year I knew to request a higher floor at the hotel, hoping for better views. We were rewarded with the 7th floor room this time around. When we got off on the 7th floor, the bellman was getting ready to head back down the elevator as no one was answering the door at our room - go figure! LOL. We thanked him, because with his timing we knew our room was ready, no telling how much longer we could have waited without that clue.

So, did we get a better view this time? Oh yeah, and a wrap around balcony to boot - YAY! And I remembered to take pics of the hotel this time too! It was a corner suite, and was basically a big square with a bathroom in the middle. 


 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The bathroom had two doors - one by the door into the room, and one from the sleeping area.Photobucket

Out on the balcony Mickie found a friend Photobucket Photobucket

They may be hard to see, but on the roof across from us were baby seagulls. Photobucket

View of the new ferris wheel on the pier 


 We watched a duck tour go by, both girls begged to do this one again - but we were only here one night, so no time. Photobucket

I knew to call right away for the sheets for the sofa bed this time around, so did that. And then we headed down to dinner. We debated walking over to Anthony's. I loved the fish there last year, but I wasn't really hungry & I was so tired I didn't really want to venture out. So we just went down to the hotel resteraunt. I was very glad we did. We had a wonderful server who had us all smiling in no time.   She had brought out some tomato jelly, which we had never heard of.   John tried a bit, and told her it wasn't bad - just lacked a little bite.    A few minutes later she brought him out some diced jalepenos to add to it, without him even asking.   Very nice touch.

After dinner we went back up to the room and rented the movie The Lorax. We all stretched out on the King size bed in the main room and watched it. I zonked out at some point and woke to see the very end & only Mickie still in bed. . .asleep. John and Maddie had gone into the living room at some point to sleep.

Tomorrow, the Jewel!

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Mon, 08-13-2012 - 5:17pm
Yay - I see I'm already a few days behind. I'll have to go catch up! Glad you survived the travel day - those are always hard/tiring!