Alaska 2012 - Day 3 A day at Sea

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Alaska 2012 - Day 3 A day at Sea
Wed, 08-08-2012 - 9:13am

We woke up early, still on central time. We decided to split up. Maddie and I headed down to Tsars for breakfast. John & Makayla over to Cagney's.

We had a nice, quiet breakfast in a window seat. It was peaceful looking out at the ocean.

After breakfast Maddie and I walked around the ship. Kim, I remembered how much you liked the art on the Pearl so I snapped some pics of some. . .of course being a camera ham Maddie had to be in each shot. . . Photobucket

Maddie pretending to fly through the planets like super girl here Photobucket


Stopping to smell the flowers


Oh No! Lava!


The Paparazzi just never leave her be. . . Photobucket


As we were walking by a window we saw some familiar people. . so we knocked on the glass to get their attention. . . and the girls greet each other, oddly

. Photobucket

So, at this point John let me know that he & the concierge set up a new birthday surprise for me and we head down to the ship's gift shop.   There a nice lady greeted us, and we were led to a a sitting area. . .and she pulled out a small, lined box of . . .rings!

I was giving John a hard time recently about never having had an actual engagement ring. . .so he apparently picked a few out with Makayla while Maddie and I were at breakfast - so I could pick one. John and I have seriously different taste, so after I looked at them I asked the woman if those were the only ones I could choose from. LOL. She said of course not, and showed me more. Good thing for John, because my taste is honestly cheaper than his.

What did we pick? A simple emerald ring with diamonds. . . .but what made it special?   Well, green is my favorite color - and there is the shape the diamonds make. . .


Anyone else see the Mickey Head diamonds? LOL. Yeah, I know I claim not to be the Disney addicts ya'll are. . .but it just fit. :smileyvery-happy:

So, after our shopping trip John said he wanted a nap. Yes, cruising is the hard life. So I took the girls to the kids club - then went back to the stateroom, sat on the balcony and watched the world sail by.

After a while the girls called asking to be picked up (they didn't care for the kids club this time, either of them). So I went and got them, and the 3 of us went to the buffet for lunch. The buffet on the Jewel is set up very nicely. Individual sections spread out, so there were not long lines anywhere. They had a make your own pasta bar, so the girls each got their favorite. I can't remember what I nibbled on, I think potato chips (no calories on vacation, right?).

After lunch we went back to the stateroom to see if John was up & ready to do anything. He was, but he had ordered a pizza and was waiting for it. While we were waiting the phone rang. The caller ID showed it was the excursion desk - okay, tomorrow we are going into Ketchikan and attempting to get the girls on the floatplane again (after last years was cancelled) so I admit my heart skipped a beat thinking they were going to cancel. But, hooray - they didn't. They wanted to know if we were able to move our plans up a couple of hours and take an earlier flight out. Yup! We were. So, what now?

Well - we headed down to the Fyzz lounge. I had read on cruise critic that the Jewel had private karoke rooms. My DDs love to sing, but are too shy to do it to a large crowd, so it seemed fun to try this out.

Basically there are 3 reasonable sized rooms set up for groups to sit, and karoke. We got the red room.

Photobucket Photobucket

They didn't have any current songs that the girls knew (Katy Perry, Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift) so they basically sang Christmas songs. But they did enjoy it.

Now, I wanted to see a show tonight called Band on the Run. It was too early to head there, but the Dailies showed there would be live piano music in the atrium. So we went over there. John snagged he & I a cocktail and the girls each a hot chocolate.

The piano player was really good. And it was funny too - as the girls each sat on different ends of a long cough. . and we saw the player look up at one girl and smile. . then look at the other, just to do a double take back over to the first. LOL. Photobucket

When it was time we headed into the Stardust Theater for Band on the Run. Oh my gosh we loved it. It was music from the 70s. Since John and I were teens during that decade, hearing Styx, Donna Summer, etc really was enjoyable for us.

Here are the girls with one of the dancers Photobucket

When we left the show we ran into a celebrity!! Just strolling right there on board. We didn't want to be the stalkerish type, but thankfully he was nice about letting the girls take a picture with him.



So, we then headed down to Tsars for a late dinner, but we were not allowed in because John had shorts on. This was our 3rd NCL cruise and the first time we had encountered this. But it worked out in our favor.

We went over to Azures, were seated. . and met a new friend - Jenelle. Photobucket

After dinner we called it a night, and headed back to our room. The butler brought the girls some gummy bears. Photobucket

And their first towel animal from the room steward Photobucket

Tomorrow we have an early morning date with a floatplane. . .here is hoping we take off this year!!

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Thu, 08-09-2012 - 6:24am

Some of the Norwegian ships have Nick Jr. entertainment options on them - including some characters.   The Jewel is one of them, which is why I made shirts for this trip with the Jewel & NIck Jr. characters on them for the girls to wear.    They also had some Slime Time shows and Nick Jr. trivia games, but the timing wasn't good so we didnt' make any of them - but I had wanted to.   

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Tue, 08-14-2012 - 10:23am

Your girls are such hams - love it!!!  The karaoke rooms look awesome - how fun!  Very special for you to get a beautiful ring, too.