Alaska 2012 - Day 4 Ketchikan

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Alaska 2012 - Day 4 Ketchikan
Wed, 08-08-2012 - 1:54pm

Ketchikan! Yay!


So last year we were suppose to do a Misty Fjords floatplane tour, which was cancelled. This led to a broken-hearted Makayla, and us back to Alaska this year. When we got to Ketchikan it was raining. I mean pouring rain. Now Ketchikan is suppose to have the most rain of anywhere in the USA, but last year we were blessed with a rain free day. We assumed we could not luck out like that twice. So we were prepared with rain coats.

We had some time to kill before we met our excursion group - so we went shopping. I really like the shops here. Granted it's just cheap souvinior stuff - but. . .LOL . .that is so us. We don't usually buy, but do enjoy looking at the variety.

We met a moose in one of the stores. . . .seems he likes Maddie more than Makayla. Photobucket Photobucket

After a little browsing, we head over to meet our group, They load all the floatplane people up on a bus and we are off. . .at one point the driver pulled over and was on the radio, seems they sent a scout plane out to check visibility due to the rain. I tapped John (as he was sitting with Makayla) to prepare him in case they cancel. . last year she cried her eyes out.

Anyhow, we then continued. It really was hard to see it was raining so hard. Once there we waited. . and waited. Finally they got the okay to go up! Yup. . up!

Most of the floatplane portion I have on video. . .but here is Makayla all smiles that we are really taking off. Photobucket

And one from the window of the plane as we flew over. . . Photobucket

We flew to the Tonga Forest and landed. We were then met by the bear guide - Puck. We were given a quick run down on what to do if we should see a black or grizzly bear (different procedures depending on type) on the trail during our hike. And then off we went.

It was still drizzling, but we were still wet from the earlier downpour, that I don't think it bothered anyone. It was a lovely hike, I think I have video of it. . .as I didn't want to take my good camera out of the case yet due to the rain.

 We finally arrived at the salmon hatchery. It looked interesting, but was certainly not smelling like roses over here. :smileyvery-happy: While Puck was explaining the process, he got a call on his radio that "Priscilla" was at the river. He then explained to us that Priscilla was a mother bear w/twin cubs. So he escorted us to an area by the river where we could see them.

Priscilla and her twins Photobucket Photobucket

Eventually a larger male bear came out. Photobucket When he did, Priscilla pushed her cubs out of the river - and then you see her pushing them to climb up a tree. The guide said she did that to keep them safe while she continued to fish.   It was funny because these bear cubs were a good 30 feet in the air, and the limbs kept swinging as they were swatting at each other up there.   John and I laughed - typical twins.  :smileyhappy:    My big lens on the camera couldn't get them, so I video taped their interaction (better zoom on video camera).

 Male bear 


Bald Eagle Photobucket

Young bald eagles - seems their head turns white when they become adults Photobucket

A raven Photobucket

But we are really here to see bears Photobucket

Okay, so I'm snapping pics of bears - oblivious.   Notice anything interesting about this bear?


Well, basically he is crossing the river. John comes by me, grabs the girls and moves them behind him. . .I put down the camera and realize I'm taking pics of a black bear as it is crossing the river. . .to us.

Well, the guide steps over in front of all of us. . but the bear just slowly moves over to the side of the viewing area, plops down and goes to sleep. The guide tells us it is time to go now. So we head back down the trail, to the float plane and are off.

Back in town I wanted a Christmas tree ornament. John & Maddie decide they are ready to get back on the ship and dry off. So we split up, Makayla going with me. We head over to the Christmas Store. :smileyhappy: I try to get ornaments from every trip that mean something. Last year I got a whale ornament in Juneau. . so this year I found one with a floatplane on it. :smileyhappy:

While looking around the Christmas store. . who do we meet? Photobucket

Makayla asked him what he was doing in Alaska - he told her he came down to warm up. :smileyhappy:

Makayla and I then head back to the ship. John had Maddie in the tub when we got back to our room, so Makayla got in the shower. . .hair washed, body warm - we then went down to lunch at Tsars. After lunch, we took the girls to the kids club - then John and I went back to the room to shower, clean up, etc.

The girls called then saying they were tired, so I got them from the club - and the 3 of them laid down. We all wanted to see the show at 7:15, so I let them sleep until 6:30 pm and then we headed to the Stardust Theater.

Tonight's show was a hypnotist. She was pretty funny.   One boy a few rows ahead of us was out too - and we watched as he did all the things she said on stage to do. . ..

After the show we went down to Azul. We again had Jenny as a server. The girls really liked her.

After dinner we went back to the room & found Cris had left the girls some cookies.


The girls were out quickly. It was a good day. Photobucket



Juneau is up tomorrow. . .what can we find to do there?



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Tue, 08-14-2012 - 10:28am

Agreed - what a sweet picture of the girls sleeping!  The floatplane/hike/bears experience seems pretty amazing - I'm so glad it wasn't canceled this time!  That mama with her twin cubs was a real find - especially with your twins!