Alaska 2012 - Day 5 Juneau

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Alaska 2012 - Day 5 Juneau
Mon, 08-13-2012 - 8:53am

Okay, so this is suppose to be Juneau, however over the weekend I pulled out the video camera and found I had some still shots in there from Ketchikan. So I'm going to show you a few more from Ketchikan first. . .

My family making sure we all knew where not to go by pointing out the "Bears Only" beyond this point sign


Makayla wanted to bring a bear home. . .so I suggested we try for a picture of her holding one. They didn't do too well, but still cute.

Photobucket Photobucket

We stopped at the salmon hatchery again on the way out, and one man held up a very large salmon so we could see how big they can get.   It looked like something off a sci fi movie to me.  Creepy.


Okay, now - on to day 5, Juneau

We got up early and went up to Cagneys. We didn't order any hot food, but hit the buffet here since it wouldn't be as crowded as the general public buffet. The server we were usually assigned in Cagney's saw us coming and he bought us our diet pepsis himself. I know it's not a lot of money, but we were still touched.

Juneau. . . .more rain. :smileysad:

So we were off the ship and on the bus. We waited, and waited, and waited - as they said we were missing 2 people. As it turned out after all this waiting - we weren't actually missing anyone, but two people on the bus forgot to turn in their tickets. So once this was cleared up we were on our way. . . .

So where did we head today? Dog mushing. Initially we were booked on the helicopter version - where they take you up to the glacier and you sled on ice/snow. But about a week before the cruise I chickened out and switched to the training camp. This was a hit, and a lot less $, so it was a good change.

Off the bus we loaded up on our cart with another couple - very nice people from New Jersey. So here are the girls very excited about the excursion ahead Photobucket Photobucket

This dog seemed really excited to get going himself Photobucket

And we were off. . . Photobucket

We went for quite a while around the trails - I was amazed at just how fast those dogs were moving with the 6 of us (7 if you count the musher) on board.

After a bit we pulled over to one side for the dogs to do their business. Photobucket

The musher took our cameras to take pics for us. Photobucket Photobucket

Then we finished up our ride.

Once back and camp the girls got a chance to pet the dogs. . . Photobucket Photobucket

We were then led to an area where a woman that does some of the races talked to us about the dogs, training, etc. She brought with her a retired sled dogs. This dog now trains puppies. They hook puppies to her, and as they give her orders she makes sure the puppies do what they are suppose to. Photobucket

 Then we were led to an area to warm up - there was a fire and hot water to make hot chocolate, tea or coffee. Photobucket

And then, it was time to hold the puppies Photobucket Photobucket

We patted both girls down after this part to make sure they didn't try to smuggle a puppy out of there.

We then headed back to the ship. John had debated trying to shop - as he wanted a Harley shirt from Juneau. But we only had about an hour left before all aboard, and it was still raining pretty hard.

So on the ship we grabbed lunch real quick at Tsars. We met a server named Andrew here - very nice man from India. He doted on the girls and told us in 2 weeks he was getting to go home to see his family.

After lunch we went back to our stateroom, got cleaned up & the 3 of them laid down for a bit. We wanted to see the circus style show tonight, so everyone rested.

After a bit we went into the Tracy Arm Fjord. I went to take pics, but I have to admit - it was not nearly as "wow" as Glacer Bay was last year. Photobucket Photobucket

After a bit Maddie woke up, bundled up and joined me on the balcony, binoculars in hand. Photobucket

The captain came on the speaker to let us know we were not going to get to go all the way into the fjord. Why? Because Holland America still had a ship there. Seems they were suppose to be out of there 2 hours ago. . but as they left port late they were still there during our alloted time. :smileysad:Photobucket

So we eventually got John & Makayla up, dressed and headed down to the show. This was a neat couple from Russia. They met at a circus college, fell in love and now perform together. They looked at each other so sweetly. They called themselves Duo Elina. Course, you can't take pics. It was a very pretty show to watch. . .

After the show we headed down to Azura for dinner - the girls asked for Jenny, but her area was full.   Andrew from lunch saw us come in and came up to greet us & invite us to his section. So we went. Very nice man. We chatted a bit, and he told us if we ever get to India we were welcome to stay with him.

Andrew, his assistant Victoria w/my family Photobucket

Andrew & my DH - don't they look cool? Photobucket

Jenny did come over to our table to hug the girls and ask them what they were doing in Skagway tomorrow. Now, Makayla planned our outting tomorrow - so Madison has no idea what we are doing (Madison loves surprises). So we couldn't tell Jenny what we were doing.

After dinner it was late, and we had another early morning - so off to bed we went. We came back to another towel animal


Chocolate covered strawberries Photobucket

And more fruit Photobucket

We also had a bottle of champagne from the conceirge. We don't drink champagne, so we called the butler and arrange to have it delivered to the couple we met at the dog mushing place. They were so nice/fun.

So that was our Juneau day. Now. . .whatever could Makayla have planned as a surprise for Madison tomorrow. :smileyvery-happy: