Alaska 2012 - Day 8 morning

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Alaska 2012 - Day 8 morning
Tue, 08-14-2012 - 9:07am

So today we had an extra surprise for the girls. :smileyvery-happy: I had read about something special that was offered - and remembered to talk to the conceirge as soon as we boarded last Saturday, to make sure we got seats. He assured me we would have them no problem.

We got the girls up and headed down to Azura (I realized my notes have this as Azul, Azure and Azura so I looked it up. It is actually Azura). They were having a special breakfast. The girls were clueless. There was a server walking around with orange juice and green (slime) jello. Makayla took some of the jello.


Makayla also ordered the special - Patrick Star pancakes w/green seaweed syrup. Photobucket

After we ate the music started. . .then this guy ran into the dining room (I admit it, I had no clue at all who he was) Photobucket

But the girls did. . .and they were excited. The music continued and along came, dancing in. . Photobucket Photobucket

These 3 danced around while kids clapped. . .and then the music changed. . . .who lives in a pineapple under the sea?


 And of course his friend Photobucket

They sang & danced for a while. . and then came around (disney style) to pose for pictures.

 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The girls seemed to have had a good time here.

After breakfast, what to do. . .what to do. . . . Well, the girls had asked to try the arcade. No clue where John ran off to at this point - but the girls and I went by ourselves. I found it funny that the first ride they decide to try is motorcycles. They hop on and ask if they could ride "like daddy".


I think this one ended up being their favorite though - they did it a few times. The chair moves, and it blows air on you while doing different scenes to make you feel like you are in a race, or on a roller coaster, or going down a diamond mine. Photobucket

Well, John resurfaces, and I leave the girls with him while I go off to find a diet coke. I went down to the Fyzz lounge and sat down to enjoy it while looking through the Dailies (we don't dock in Victoria until 2:30 pm). Well, I realized the Hypnotist was having a free weight loss session. . . in 20 minutes! So I hurry back up to the arcade, thankfully they are all 3 still there playing.

We "dump" the girls into the kids club next door then John and I head to the theater. Now. . did the hypnosis help me lose weight? Doubtful. But I will admit to feeling very relaxed after it was over.

So, now we got the girls for lunch - we decided to head to Blue Lagoon as John wanted to try the wings everyone on cc is always raving about. The girls were properly dressed up for the occasion. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

We ordered food, but John started to get pissy. There was live music nearby and it was giving him a headache. . .so before his food even arrived, he stormed off.

The girls and I enjoyed the music & our lunch. . ..

We went back to the room after lunch & had a note from the conceriege instructing all suite guests wanting to get off the ship before the general release to meet him in Le Bistro at 2:15 pm. Since our excursion began at 2:45 - we decided to do this. We were delayed as it was explained to us there was a passenger being transportated to a local hospital first. After that, we were escorted down the employee stairway and out the crew exit quickly.

So. . .now to our excursion. . . today we are going to. . .