Chapter 10 - Kona

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Chapter 10 - Kona
Fri, 08-09-2013 - 7:49am

Wednesday - July 3rd

First, Mickie was soooo upset that she missed the lava sail by. She pouted something awful. We tried very hard to assure her it was just a tiny speck, but she was just so unhappy.

We did our usual Cagney’s for breakfast. Thomas, as usual came over to talk dinner. Maddie asked if we could do Teppanyaki’s. We have a reservation for Friday, but she wanted to try to eat there twice on this cruise.    I said I wasn’t sure as I really wanted to see the show tonight – Oh What A Night.    Thomas said he would see if he could get us in for the first seating so I would not miss the show, and he did. So we were set.

We then made our way to a meeting area for the tour – as Kona is a tender port (the cruise ship anchors out in the water and you are transported to land via small tender boats).      So they escorted everyone on the tour off via the crew exit so they could keep us together.

Then we loaded up on the bus and were off. . .. . for the Sea Horse Discovery Center.

It was a lot smaller than I had thought it would be. With such a large tour group it was a lot of waiting to see things, etc. But it was a very interesting place. Since sea horses were becoming extinct they were making efforts to help improve their #s and health. Usually when you buy a sea horse that comes directly from the ocean, they do not know how to eat frozen shrimp and so their life span is very short. But this place raises them from birth, teaching them to eat frozen shrimp – so their life span increases to about 10 years.
This pond is man made, but hooks into an underwater tunnel that contains shrimp - which is also used to feed the sea horses.

There are dozens of tanks with sea horses in various stages. Pregnant males, new born babies, etc. A lot of the areas we were not allowed to take pics of.

Here are some of the older sea horses.

After viewing all the tanks, and different stages of development - we were lead to an area where we were allowed to "hold" a sea horse. Basically you hold your fingers linked together - to mimic coral, and a worker places a sea horse near you. The sea horse would hold on with their tail.

Here is Mickie with her sea horse, Sunny.


Maddie with her sea horse, Joey


John left there thinking about putting his acquarium back together and investing in some sea horses.

We also got to see Leafy Sea Dragons. These are also becoming extinct. There is a man in Austrailia that has a license to pull a pregnant sea dragon once a year, and sell the offspring. They run about $15,000 each. The Sea Horse Discovery Center did fund raisers in order to buy 3 of them, in hope of having the same success with them as they have had with the sea horses.

We were not allowed to take pics of the Sea Dragons, so I pulled this pic from the internet.

The center also had a small pond area with other sea creatures people could touch. Starfish, sea cucumbers, and other things I can't pronounce, spell or remember. The M&Ms found this pretty cool too.

After our tour we went back to the bus, and back to port.
John saw a Harley shop, so headed that way to get another shirt. Meanwhile, the girls and I looked in a few shops. They both had visions of buying something Jade. I don’t think we actually bought anything.

When John rejoined us we went to a place called Splashers Grill and had lunch before returning to the ship. Maddie and I shared some incredible calamari here. Yum.

Once on board I got a text from Sheila about having dinner together. We told her we were planning Teppanyakis, so she said if they have room that was fine. John called Thomas. He let us know that Teppanyakis was officially booked up for the rest of the cruise. So there was no fitting Sheila’s family in. We talked about it, and decided that we wanted to have dinner with them – they were so fun. So John asked about La Cucina, Thomas said they looked booked too - not to mention I still wanted a very early seating  so I could still make Oh What A Night.   Thomas said to let him see what he could do.   

Thomas called back and said they were able to rearrange some of the tables/chairs and could accommodate our party of 8.    They are such nice people here!    Anyhow,  I texted Sheila back and told her they could get us all in at La Cucina, and she said that would be perfect. So we agreed to meet there later.

Not sure what we did until dinner time – probably just sat on the balcony looking around. We did shop some on the ship, so could have done that at this point too.

Anyhow, we met Sheila and her family at LaCucina. Well, that server we had the other night - Bret, saw our name on the reservations so had us moved to his area. When we arrived he already had a variety of appetizers sitting out on the table for us to try, including a couple of pizzas. Very nice touch. We all ordered a round of drinks, John handed him our card and Bret asked if he should put all the drinks on there – and John said yes before anyone else could answer. He is so generous when it’s my credit card. LOL.

We had a wonderful dinner. I tried the vegetarian lasagna and actually enjoyed it. Maddie had calamari, as she is hooked on it at this point in the vacation. LOL We drank, laughed, talked about our day. . . . 

We asked her son about the White Hot Party and he told us it was more a White Hair Party as everyone was so old in there. LOL. He said it was like that in Alaska last year too, but he was hoping Hawaii would have attracted a younger crowd. Nope.

After the meal we all went back to our room – we were all on the 10th floor. Maddie asked if she could see what their stateroom looked like. Sheila teased that their room was the size of our bathroom. They had a quad inside cabin. And it was small. The smallest cabin I have ever seen, and it probably was the size of our bathroom. But, if we didn’t spend so much time in our cabins still (due to John & the girls napping so much) we would probably go that route too.

So we parted ways as we wanted to go see Oh What a Night, and they didn’t care for that type of music.

Oh What a Night is a Tribute to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.   They sing some of their hits, with some humor thrown in.   The first time we saw Oh What a Night was in Alaska, on the Pearl. There was a Hispanic male and a blonde man that were just hilarious. The 2nd time we saw Oh What a Night was in the Caribbean, again on the Pearl – and the same blonde man was there, but the Hispanic male was replaced with an Asian man.

Well, when they came out we all 4 cheered. The blonde guy we had seen previously was in this group. And. . . . . I looked at John and I said “That is the guy that was sooo funny in the Grease song”. And John asked me if I was sure, and I was. He wasn’t convinced, but once they started that song he agreed. This man not only sang it – but he would run around in the audience jumping on people’s laps or bend over them and say “spank me baby”, etc. It was just so funny to see who he picked and how they reacted.

We really enjoyed the show. After we made sure to exit and shake hands. Unlike the Pearl & Jewel, the theater on the POA is only one deck, so we were able to find them easily. We told the blonde singer (Mark) how much we have enjoyed him in every show we have seen. Mickie smile and told him how he wanted to borrow her shoes on one cruise – and Mark asked “Were they the ones that lit up when you walked?” And they were! I’m not sure if he truly remembered her & her shoes, or if it is a standard joke for him with kids.   But Mickie walked away feeling like he really remembered her.

It was late, we had another early morning tomorrow – too early, so off to bed we went.
But not before finding another creature. I should note that our room steward - Erlito - has been awesome. When he made the elephant the other night the girls begged him not to take it away - so every night he added to our towel zoo, never removing what had already been made. We thought that was very thoughtful of him.

Tomorrow we hit Kauai.

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Sounds like a nice day, the seahorse excursion looks so cool!


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I would LOVE to see the Oh What a Night show!  I've seen Jersey Boys twice and would go back again in a heartbeat Smile

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