Chapter 11 - Kauai Day 1

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Chapter 11 - Kauai Day 1
Fri, 08-09-2013 - 10:14am

Thursday – July 4th

We had to get up very early today. So I went down to the buffet and grabbed a variety of items – boiled eggs, croissants, muffins, milk – so we could eat in our stateroom while getting ready to go.


We watched as the ship pulled into Kauai - it was beautiful.

There are people by the lighthouse waving at the ship - Mickie is waving back.

Once docked, we could see stingrays in the water off the side of the ship.

We made sure to wear clothes we didn’t care about, because today was a day to get dirty. Ohana Mudbugs. I have to admit I kept debating this, as I really didn’t enjoy this in Cozumel last year. But we were signed up for a 4 seater, I wouldn’t have to drive (which was both a pro and a con).

There were 18 of us going from the ship – we were loaded into two vans, and off we went. Once there we bought bandanas for our face, and I bought some water shoes. John and the girls all had crocs on – which are washable, but I don’t own any crocs.

We were then given clothes to change into. Yup, they provided clothes. Sadly, they didn’t have any pants small enough for the M&Ms, so they wore the shorts we brought. We were given helmets, goggles and given instructions. This tour would have 2 Ohana mudbugs (4 seaters) and the rest 2 seaters. We had two guides who were pretty entertaining, John and I felt like they were Bill Murray and Pauley Shore wannabes.

We were allowed to take our cameras – but they did warn cameras are often lost due to the bumps. And they would have someone taking pics along the way. So I decided in the end to leave mine in the locker.

I am glad we took this tour. Of all the dunebuggy type tours we have been on, this was by far my favorite. The area was just beautiful. We went through different spots where Jurassic Park was filmed, even went through a tunnel – and stopped for lunch by a waterfall. We did get pretty dirty. But we all 4 agreed it was a good time.

It was funny as the guide told us the history of this tunnel - and that one side was considered "leeward" and one side "windward". I can't say I remember which is which - but one side had more rain, so was a muddier ride. As soon as we went through the tunnel, sure enough - it was raining on the other side.

This field was used in Jurassic Park. Where Sam O'Neil was running with the two kids, and then dived behind a log. Very pretty.

We got back to the starting point, showered, changed – and waited to purchase pics. These were also reasonable compared to some other places we have been – so I bought the whole DVD and figure I’d sort through them later. Then we were loaded back into the van and headed back to the ship.

When we got back to the ship, we had a message from Thomas (we didn’t see him at breakfast) he wanted to make sure we had our dinner plans lined out. I did want to see Rockahula in the theater tonight, so John called him back and asked if we could get an early seating in East Meets West, the Chinese restaurant. He called us back and said yes.

We showered again – slower/better/hotter water & soap. Then got dressed for dinner.

East Meets West was a lot of fun. We met a lovely server there named Cherry. John had always wanted to try sushi, but was always wary of eating raw fish – so he asked Cherry, who recommended two types for him to try that were not raw. One had tempura shrimp inside. . I made yummy noises, she asked if I wanted to try it too – but I told her I was unable to eat rice. Well, when she brought out John’s rolls, she brought me 3 tempura shrimps - I never thought to ask for that. Very nice girl. Mickie stole a shrimp though, the booger - then order 3 for herself.

Also the manager from the Cadillac Diner was there - and came over to ask the girls if they had heard any One Direction lately. :) They again pointed out it was him that played that song, not them. Funny guy.

Well, on the plate that John had Wasabi. John asked what it was and I told him Pistacio ice cream. We all had a laugh and started to do Mater imitations “The pistachio ice cream has turned”. Cherry came over and joined in doing it too. She really was a lot of fun.

While at dinner Sheila texted me asking if we were going to watch the fireworks from the top deck, she heard that we can sometimes see them from the Starboard side. I tested her back and asked if she knew if it was at the front of the ship, or the back – as our stateroom was Starboard. She texted back and said she was told the front, and if we were going to watch them from our room could they join us. I said sure. She then texted that they would be buying the drinks since we bought the other night.

They came to our room later, we called Marc and ordered beer/wine, and they gave him their stateroom # to charge it to.

We could see the fireworks, there was a big warehouse type building in the way – so we only saw the ones that were very high. But we still had a nice visit.

I realized it was 9:15 pm, the Rockahula show I wanted to see started at 9:30 pm - so we were not going to make it. :( But we did have a good visit again.

Once they left we went to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a free day – and we were going to sleep in.

Oh and tonight's towel animal addition -



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Fri, 08-09-2013 - 9:45pm

What a cool experience! I would love to swim near that waterfall. Your trip reports are really making me love the idea of cruising! 


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Sun, 08-11-2013 - 9:15pm

So did y'all get really muddy?  It doesn't look like it in the pictures, but I am assuming you did :)

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Mon, 08-12-2013 - 7:34am
We did get muddy - but not nearly as bad as we did in Cozumel last year. I was concerned as John was driving and he aims for the mud puddles. . .