Chapter 12 - Kauai Day 2

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Chapter 12 - Kauai Day 2
Fri, 08-09-2013 - 3:40pm

Friday - July 5th

Today was our last full day on board. We docked overnight in Kauai. We decided to do nothing. So, we slept in. When we did wake up we went to Cagney's for breakfast. After which we hit the stores on the ship for last minute souvinirs and then started packing. We also wrote thank you cards for Marc, Thomas and Erlito - and put extra cash in there too

After a while we went down to the Cadillac Diner for one last meal.  The M&Ms just loved this place.  The milkshakes and the juke box.   The manager came over and offered Maddie a job picking the music.  He said they loved hearing so many Taylor Swift songs.   LOL.   I wonder if it was his way of asking for a One Direction song to be played?    :)   Anyhow, as always my family enjoyed their time here.


After we had lunch we headed back to our stateroom. We were invited to a private party in a secret location at the front of the ship, and I needed to get the map on where it was. Basically you went through crews areas to get to the front of the ship, under the bridge - where there was a small, tiny pool for crew members.

We were served champagne and mimosas. We were told we could stay here, enjoy the scenery until we cleared the lighthouse - at which time the winds would be too high.

It was pretty.

Okay, so Maddie asked a server for OJ (they were serving OJ and water for kids) at the same time an older woman asked for a mimosa.

Yup, you guessed it - that is a mimosa in Maddie's hand. She took one sip, made a funny face and told the server the OJ tasted bad. At the same time the older woman came back and told the server she believed she got straight OJ. LOL

More pics from the party

Before too long it was getting too windy. So we left the area and went back to our stateroom. We double checked to make sure we packed everything we could. Showered, and then got ready for dinner.

Tonight. . .Teppanyakis!! Yum.

When we checked in for Teppanyakis, Cherry was in the East Vs West section next to it. The 3 girls had to do their Mater impression - "The pistacio ice cream has tuuuuurrrrrrned".

So, when we got there, we were at a table with two people from Japan. Very nice, friendly -but didnt speak a lot of English.   We did a lot of hand gestures to communicate.   The were truly nice people.     The woman made the girls oragami swans out of the chopstick wrappers.

At the table of 8 across from us was a party on the cruise celebrating a woman's 60th birthday. They were a loud/fun bunch.  I think they said they were from New Orleans.

Okay, then. . .the chefs walk in. One chef for our table of 8. . .and a chef for the loud/fun bunch across from us. Well, when the Chefs walked in Mickie about fell out of her chair. Last year on the Jewel in Alaska we had a fun chef twice at the Teppanyakis that kept singing to her "Makayla, Makayla will you eat your vegetables today". "Makayla, Makayla do you love your rice", etc. Well I'll be darned if he didn't walk in. Mickie pointed and said "I love you!" and he pointed and said "My little friend from Alaska is back". Small world, even for NCL, yes? He had just transferred to the POA two weeks ago.   Seems this is a good position for the foreign crew members as it is a US flagged shipped so pays better.   Sadly, "her" friend was assigned the other table. But he did come over to visit with her from time to time during dinner.

This pic is the chef we had for this dinner.

Oh, did I mention during the egg throwing part of the cooking show - our chef dropped not one, not two. . .but four eggs?   Even Mickie's friend came over to tease him. . .messy, messy.

During the cooking/show the chef tosses pieces of egg in the air for you to catch. John and Mickie both played along and caught the egg pieces.

Our chef spelled out NCL in rice.

And then made a heart

Well, then they surprised the 60th birthday girl with a cake/singing. John and the girls snuck up behind her to join in. . .scared the crud out of her.

Well, one of my DDs at this point commented "Hey, she is turning 60 and you turned 50!". Well, the manager (the older Asian man that likes One Direction) overheard them. And before you knew it, I had a cake too.

I had planned on us seeing the crew talent show this evening - as I heard they do the fountains show that we have enjoyed so much on other NCL ships.     But dinner ran longer than we expected - so we missed it.

Back in our stateroom, we watched on the balcony for a while as we sailed by the famous Na Pali Coastline.   Na Pali means "the cliffs".   It is a beautiful area that is hard to access, except by water or helicopter.   It was the site for some of the filming of Jurassic Park, where the helicopter arrives and lands.  Really beautiful to see, pictures do not do it justice.

 photo DSCN1933_zpsf9c8f375.jpg


 We then spent a quiet evening watching movies in our stateroom.

We set our luggage out before we went to bed as we were suppose to. And went to bed. Tomorrow would be an early morning. Breakfast, a tour of Pearl Harbor and heading home. :(

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Sun, 08-11-2013 - 10:08pm

How nice that the chef recognized your M and Ms... 
One nice thing about this report is that are more pics of you !! 

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Mon, 08-12-2013 - 9:59pm

The pictures today make it look like your family is having a blast!!! 


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Thu, 11-14-2013 - 8:53am
That's so amazing that employees knew you guys from prior trips! What a small world!