Chapter 5 - The Pride of America

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Chapter 5 - The Pride of America
Thu, 08-08-2013 - 8:14am

Saturday - June 29th

Time to leave Aulani.   :(   But at least we are not heading home yet, right?  

The limo driver arrived on time, and we loaded up and headed to the pier. We decided to skip breakfast today, since we would be having lunch at Cagney’s when we got on board. We were sad to leave Aulani. 

John told the driver that we were not in a hurry and asked him to take his time – but we were at the port in no time at all. LOL.

So, one again - we received leis. I think John enjoyed this one a tad. :)


So, this is where I realized. . . .I don’t have my edocs. How is that possible? I always travel with 2 sets. . it is checked off on my check list. . .but I can’t find them anywhere. So I told someone who said “well then you can’t sail”. Now I knew better than that – but thankfully they smiled and said “no problem” really fast and then offered to reprint them for me.   Whew!   We were then taken over to the VIP lounge to finish checking in and wait to get boarded.

While sitting in the VIP area Robin and her family came in. She said they were not in a suite, but that their son has autism, so they were able to wait in this area too as their son doesn’t do well with crowds. Our concierge came over and introduced himself – Thomas.   He asked if Robin and her family were traveling with us, of course they were not . . .but we did know each other through cruise critic – so Thomas invited them to board with us.

We were escorted up into the Napa Wine bar.   Here Thomas explained different things about the ship, etc. and we were all served champagne. I don’t drink champagne so John drank both of our’s. Thomas then asked Robin and her family if they wanted to join us for lunch in Cagney’s. . .Robin’s husband, Wayne, said “If they are getting perks, we are sticking with them”. At the time we thought this was funny and all laughed.

Thomas then let us know that all the suites were ready if we wanted to drop off our bags and then come back for lunch – so we did.

We had an amazing stateroom.  The Pride of America just went through a make over.   I was glad to see our stateroom had not received the updated look yet, as I really liked the tropical look of it.

The door enters the bathroom from the hall area (you can also enter the main bathroom from the master bedroom)

The dining room area. The glass sliding doors lead to the king sized bed/main sleeping area.

A very large verandah

I paid extra for this stateroom as it has a hot tub . . .will we use it?  


The main bedroom. The walk in (yes walk in) closet and main bathroom are on the other side of that curtain.

1/2 bathroom in the hallway


The walk in closet


Vanity in the walk in closet


Main bathroom

We then went back to Cagney’s, Robin and her family waited for us (their stateroom was not ready yet). A young lady named Nikkia served us – very nice girl. By the end of the cruise our DDs were calling her Aunt Nikki.

Lunch was interesting. Robin seemed okay, her son did too – but her DH had quite a temper and I will say now that it worsened over the course of the cruise.     Anyhow, for now. . .it’s a cruise, so John and I were not worried about it at all.    John ordered he & I drinks, when they came out Wayne wanted to know how much they cost.    John said he didn’t know, he just hands over the ship card because it is hooked to my credit card not his. J Butthead.

Anyhow, after lunch was over we part ways – Robin and her family to their stateroom, us to our’s. Our luggage was there so we unpacked and then got ready for the meet & greet set up for the people from cruise critic.

The Meet & Greet had a pretty good turn out.   The kids played games while the adults visited.


John had brought a Harley shirt for Sheila’s husband, Mike. And it turns out Mike had brought one for John too.

Then it was muster drill time.    We were assigned an area in the theater so we went down there, and it was over before too long.    


We went back to our room. Robin called – she said she had sailed the POA before and her favorite server was on the ship tonight, but was leaving for vacation in the morning. So she made a reservation for all of us (yikes) and would we meet them about 8:00 pm outside of Liberty. I was hesitant, as Liberty has a dress code – and pointed that out, but she assured me no one would care on the first night. I didn’t know how to politely say no. . .and so I agreed.

We then headed up to the kids club to register the girls. They looked around and started to play with the baby toys – silly girls. There were no kids in there at the time, but the counselors did tell them the toys were not age appropriate. . .so they stopped. LOL. Anyhow, Makayla was excited to see they had Hungry, Hungry Hippos – so maybe we’ll get them in there at some point.

Back in our room - we watched the ship sail away from our balcony. And Honolulu sent us off with a nice rainbow.

Well, I’m not sure what we did until time to head to dinner. . .drink? LOL. But we met Robin and her family outside of the Liberty restaurant a little before 8:00 – and there was one heck of a line.      For whatever reason the ship only had one specialty restaurant opened tonight - Cagney's - so the main dining rooms were packed. And it was lobster night. Well, even though Robin made a reservation, we still waited about an hour in order to be seated with the server she wanted to see.

Once seated, and the server came over - John immediately ordered he & I double White Russians.

Mickie and John ordered the surf & turf.    Mickie had never had lobster before, but she had always wanted to try it.   And she liked it.    But she really loved the steak.   So at some point she and John traded some surf for some turf. J Maddie had pasta, and I just had a baked potato. . oh and another double white Russian please. J

I won't overshare how dinner went - as it really isn't vacation related.  But Robin and her husband made it very awkward.    So, we were ready for it to end.     When dinner was finally over, it was late and we were all very tired. So we went back to our room. . .and went right to sleep.

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Thu, 08-08-2013 - 8:49pm

Wow! What a beautiful room! I would use that hot tub, I sure hope you got the chance!!!


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Sat, 08-10-2013 - 11:03pm

wow. that suite. just wow. My mouth was gaping wide open as i looked at the pics..

sorry about robin.. sounds weird and awkward... (this is why DH doesnt want to meet people! LOL!)

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I've gotten so far behind on reading since I started work a few weeks ago- but loving your report! I would have been sad to leave Aulani too Frown But WOW - that is quite a stateroom! I've never been on a cruise ship, but didn't even realize you could get a suite so big, lol!

I can only imagine what happened at dinner, I'm no good at saying "no" either, so I seem to end up in those awkward situations more often than I would like. Hope it didn't put too much of a damper on your trip. 

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