Chapter 7 - Maui Day 2

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Chapter 7 - Maui Day 2
Thu, 08-08-2013 - 9:53am
Monday - July 1st

This morning we got up early, and had our usual quick breakfast in Cagney’s.  Every morning Thomas (our concierge) would come by and asked if we had any place in particular we wanted to eat. We normally do not think that far ahead, so asked if we could figure it after we got back on ship, and he said yes.

We met our tour group and headed off for a little town called Lahaina. It wasn’t a bad drive (like yesterday) and was actually prettier.

Going through town we saw a Bubba Gumps. Not only do we like Bubba Gumps, but I have a Landry’s Card with $50 credit on it. Score. But as the bus continued I scratched that thought, figuring it to be too far.

The bus dropped us off with instructions to check in at the pier, and what time they would be picking us back up. We were off for a submarine adventure.

We had the greatest guy as captain. He was entertaining as can be. Played funny music, told corny jokes. He had everyone in great spirits. Anyhow, I was concerned about the size/ladder, etc. for the submarine – but it all turned out fine. The sub went 130 feet below. The color changes without sunlight – and of course the pics through the thick glass didn’t do it justice either. But we saw fish, a sunken ship, coral, etc.  Even an eel.    The M&Ms were really in awe.

Not sure you can make him out - but SpongeBob is on this ship. :)

After the submarine tour we came back up and decided to get some lunch and shop. We had about 3 hours until the bus was due to pick us back up. John suggested Bubba Gumps, but I was concerned it was too far – but John was sure it was just a few blocks. So he headed in the direction through the little shops, with Mickie in tow. Maddie and I followed behind. Maddie’s ankle had been giving her trouble this week so we were not keeping up. . .I tried calling out to John, as I was concerned about how far from where the bus was to pick us up we were going. . .but of course he can’t hear me and just keeps going. Bubba Gumps was quite a ways down, but too late now – we are there.


We ask the hostess if she knows where the Harley shop is, as John HAS to have a shirt again. Of course it was back near where we started. Groan. So, we go inside and wait to be seated. . . .and wait. . . .and wait. . . .there were lots of empty tables, so I wasn't sure what the issue was.     Well a worker came up and asked how many and said he would be right back. . .and then we waited, and waited. I spotted that worker sitting chatting with some other workers so I gave up. I told John if it was going to take 30 minutes to get a table, how long would it take to order, and I did not want to miss the bus back to the ship – so I walked out. John asked where we were going now, and I said I didn’t know – just someplace where we could get a cold drink a small something to eat and then shop. . .so again, John headed back toward where we started w/Mickie in tow. . .and again, Maddie and I could not keep up. He never once stopped at any of the stores, and Maddie was begging to stop – but I was concerned with losing sight of them. They finally stopped back at the area we had done the sub ride. . and I’ll admit it, by now I was not happy and I snapped. Between the heat, him not listening and us not being able to keep up. I told him that I was tired of trying to keep up with him, so we were going our own way and would meet him at the bus stop at 3:00 pm and I took off w/Maddie.

Maddie said she was thirsty & her ankle hurt. It was very hot. So we found a small café and were seated pretty quickly on the patio. As we were drinking the cold water I could see John & Mickie sitting on a corner not to far away. I felt badly for snapping, afterall I know John wasn't trying to make it hard. And also I didn’t know if John had any $ on him. I stood up and waved my arms until he saw me. . and they came over and joined us. John had a couple of beers, the girls and I water. . .and then we ordered nachos, onion rings to share. . .and the girls got some pasta. It was nice and the cooling off helped all our moods.


After our break – John went over to the Harley shop, while I took the girls to the little shops to look at jewelry. Then we all met back at the bus meet area.

We didn’t have long to wait for the bus by now. Before we knew it we were on our way back to the ship.


We went to our stateroom to shower, clean off as it was hot and we were all sweaty. We looked at the TV to see what dining places showed “green” (meaning tables available) and then called Thomas and asked if we could get into the Italian restaurant - La Cucina. And he did.

Then I got a text from Sheila, reminding us about the Latitudes Party.   A Latitudes Party is thrown by the cruise line, welcoming back anyone that has cruised with them before.    We had never attended one before, but decided we would. I took the girls to the kids club – hoping they could play while we went to the party. But the club was closing for dinner. Since we had dinner plans for later, we didn’t really want them joining in the dinner with the clubbers. So we took them to the party.


When we got to the party Sheila and her family were already there & had saved a spot for us with them. Free Mai Tais! We had a nice visit. They had a few drawings and Sheila’s son Austin was trying to win champagne, but didn’t. So we told him to stop by our room some time as we were gifted a bottle of champagne from the cruise line, but we don’t drink champagne so he was welcome to it.

After the party we went down and checked in at La Cucina.


We had a really nice server there, Bret. And our dinner was yum. Thomas came by to see us and make sure we had everything we needed (he was the most interactive concierge we have ever had). It was a nice dinner.

I don’t remember what the show was tonight, but we decided we were worn out and returned to our stateroom. We found more critters

We watched Oz the Great and Powerful. Marc the butler stopped by with cookies and to see if we needed anything. He also dropped of a list of DVDs available to borrow and told the girls he would be happy to bring them candy & popcorn if they wanted a movie night. They seemed to like that idea.

That was it - tomorrow we had another early start as we would be docking in Hilo

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Thu, 08-08-2013 - 9:13pm

What a cool excursion! I couldn't really make out the sponge bob but I'll bet the girls loved that!


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Sat, 08-10-2013 - 11:15pm
that excursion sounds fun! sorry you got cranky in the heat. i am the same way. but sounds like you had a lovely evening

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Oh the submarine is just too cool! I have a slight case of claustrophobia, but I'm thinking I could overcome it do do something like that once Laughing And I'm pretty sure I would have have snapped to - between the heat and walking... but yes sitting down with food and drinks always calms everyone down. 

We almost never get towel animals for some reason, really enjoying the pics of yours!

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