all star music suite

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all star music suite
Thu, 07-19-2007 - 3:50pm
i would love any info about the a.s music suites, prices, how many it sleeps etc... thanks


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Thu, 07-19-2007 - 4:23pm

Here is a good link:

Although this is a year old, I *think* the info is still good.

I stayed in a suite with my family last year and loved it. If I can try to answer any questions not in the link, please let me know!

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Thu, 07-19-2007 - 8:11pm

Just another thumbs up for the ASMusic suite, even though I haven't been yet, we stay there late august for 7 nights. I have 3 kids and we have done a bit of travelling and all of us in one standard hotel room is definitely NOT a vacation for me and dh. Laurie is the one who got my intrigued by the family suites. I am very excited about the layout and thrilled we aren't paying big dollar for it. The link Laurie gave you has lots of info, but here are a few bullets from me according to my Passporter...

"In 2006 , 192 new family suites opened at asmusic. These 520 sq ft rooms sport two full bathrooms, a kitchenette (sink, fridge, micro), a queen bed in a bedroom, a sitting room with sofa sleeper and two convertible twin beds. Each suite sleeps up to 6 people, plus one child under 3 in a crib. Rates start at $179."

2007 sample rates are
Value season $179
Regular season $215
Summer Season $240
Peak season $265
Holiday season $285

Hope that helps a little!



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