Anyone stayed at the Polynesian??

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Anyone stayed at the Polynesian??
Wed, 05-16-2007 - 3:16pm

This is our first DW trip as a family. My first trip to DW ever (at the ripe age of 34) was when we went a few yrs ago, w/ dh's family, when I was 6mos preg w/ my first DD (preg in August in DW... not a good combo!) and stayed in a timeshare about 30mins away from the parks. This time, w/ 2 little ones, not wanting to deal w/ car rentals, car seats, grocery shopping, cooking, etc, being so far from parks when we likely won't last a whole day (or more than 4hrs) in any one park, we are staying close to the action, and I am very excited about this!!

Has anyone ever stayed at the Polynesian, and if so what are your thoughts about it? Pros, cons, good tips to know, things to avoid???




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Thu, 05-17-2007 - 1:41pm

My DH and I stayed at the Polynesian after our wedding. It has been almost 8 years ago, so I can not give you a good idea of any changes in the rooms that have occurred since then. The rooms were nicely decorated at the time and they are much larger than the All-Stars. The grounds of the hotel were lovely. We had a garden view room in the building that was directly next to the lagoon. To watch the water parade in the evenings or the fireworks at the MK all we had to do was walk to the end of our hallway.

My absolute favorite part about this hotel is the location. Yes the monorail runs through it which is great when you are heading to the MK; however there is just a short walkpath that puts you right at the transportation center, where you can catch the monorail to Epcot or the buses to the other parks. It literally only took us 5minutes and we were at the hub of all the WDW transportation.

The food court at the time was adequate. There was not anything great. ( I feel the food courts at the All Stars and Pops are much better )You can get what you need at the Poly though.

All in all the hotel was exremely quiet and peaceful and the location is great. It is my pick for staying with younger children and will be my pick if I can gather the extra $ for next visit.

Have fun

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Thu, 05-17-2007 - 8:30pm

I stayed at the Polynesian a couple of years ago when I took my 4 daughters to WDW and left my DH at home to work off the bills!! I absolutely loved it! Unfortunately with DH we are a family of 6, so we won't be staying there again (one room there is a splurge - 2 rooms is out of the ballpark for us!) anytime soon.

It is so easy to get to the MK on the monorail, and you're right with two little ones that is convenience is priceless! Another great feature of the Poly with little children is the zero-entry pool...We were there in February in peak season and the pool was crowded, but always still enjoyable.

I was not terribly impressed with the counter service restaurant there, but I think that it has gone through a renovation in the past year or so. I don't eat meat, so my choices are typically a bit more limited, but I remember looking at the soggy veggie sandwich and thinking I'd rather go hungry! The kids were always fine with the choices though.

So I say two thumbs way high up for the Poly!


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Mon, 05-21-2007 - 1:49pm

ha! thanks! this is def a splurge for us too! i am afraid we will spoil ourselves though and after this we'll never want to do DW any other way.. but this is just a rare treat since i will be going back to grad/med school f/t in august for 2 yrs straight thru summers, and will have no time at all for any fun/splurging!! this is sort of a last hurrah vaca until a couple yrs after i'm done w/ school.

we will be eating at kona cafe and ohana too... are they good? i am def a meat eater, and those long skewers of bbq meat sound right up my alley! i can't wait to lounge around the pool and just feel like i'm in paradise!!


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Mon, 05-21-2007 - 1:53pm

thanks! i am really looking forward to it, and this location/convenience sounds really great w/ 2 little ones. from what i have read, the food accomodations seem to have made a big improvement since you were last there, i think.. the 2 main restaurants i have heard good things about.. the food court, i don't know about. but we will be close enough to all the other stuff to hopefully not have to rely on captain cook's or whatever the counter service one is in the poly.

i am so glad to hear that the poly is only 5min walk to the Trans ctr. it will be so easy getting around!! we plan on trying to see the fireworks at MK or Epcot, but it's also nice to know we'll have a decent view from the hotel in case a tantrum strikes and we have to skeedaddle!


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Thu, 06-07-2007 - 2:17pm

We stayed at the Polynesian during Spring Break 2006 when DS was 18 mo. I LOVED it! It was honestly so relaxing that I sometimes forgot I was not in an all-inclusive Caribbean resort, but in the middle of WDW! I loved the lush tropical landscaping, the zero-entry pool, the water splash area for the younger ones (where water shoots out from the ground), and the permanent canopy/tents on the man-made beach. We did the character breakfast at the Ohana and really enjoyed the food. My son loved riding the monorail as much as he loved Disney. LOL And we also took the little boat ride to the Grand Floridian right next door to enjoy the music in their lobby and just walk around absorbing its spectacular beauty.

Ruth in FL

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