April ADRs made - all 18 of them!!!

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April ADRs made - all 18 of them!!!
Sat, 10-20-2012 - 2:10pm

Made my ADRs for our April trip this morning! I was able to get everything we wanted, pretty close to the times we wanted too.

For the breakfasts that we don't have ADRs for, we'll probably either order room service or go over to the Swan/Dolphin. Unfortunately there just aren't a lot of TS options near us that open early enough to get to amEMH. And DH is a bacon-and-eggs type person. He would look at me like I had 3 heads if I tried to hand him a muffin or bagel and pass it off as breakfast!!!

Thur 4/18 - Arrive & Epcot
Arrive @ MCO ~1pm, ME to Yacht Club & Check in
D - San Angel (7pm)

Fri 4/19 - MK & Epcot
B - Chef Mickey's (7:30am)
L - Liberty Tree Tavern (12pm)
D - Tutto Italia (7:15pm)

Sat 4/20 - DHS & MK
L - Hollywood & Vine (11:30am)
D - CRT (6:40pm)

Sun 4/21 - Epcot & DHS
B - Cape May (7:30am)
L -Rose & Crown (12pm)
D - Brown Derby (5:55pm)

Mon 4/22 - AK
L - Tusker House (11:30am)
D - Yachtsman (7pm)

Tue 4/23 - Epcot & MK
L - Chefs de France (12pm)
D - Be Our Guest (6:45pm)

Wed 4/24 - DHS & Epcot
L - Mama Melrose (12pm)
D - Akershus (7pm)

Thur 4/25 - MK & Epcot
B - Chef Mickey's (take 2! - 7am)
L - Crystal Palace (11:30am)
D - Teppan Edo (7pm)

Fri 4/26 - Flight home @ 8am Cry
ME to MCO ~5am and fly home

I'm still stalking the website hoping some discounts are released for our dates, but glad to have this part taken care of. And that means it's less than 6 months away - yay!!! SmileSmile

Here is my planning spreadsheet - I think it's a good plan, but I'll admit that mostly l just like looking at because it's so colorful, lol!

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Sun, 10-21-2012 - 1:56pm

Yummy!!!! And yay for your trip being less than six months out.  It sounds like you have a really good plan.  We don't do a lot of breakfasts either because I hate to give up the morning park time and we actually prefer things like granola bars and bagels, lol.  I can't wait to hear about your trip.

Oh, and I love your ticker!  I guess my sig line disappeared in the conversion so I'll need to make new ones.



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Sun, 10-21-2012 - 6:04pm
Sounds great!! Glad you were able to get those great ADRs! and yay for being less than 6 months out!! Did you check to see what the boardwalk bakery has for breakfast option? Yes, I dont like the lack of breakfast options at the epcot resorts. I dont know why they dont add something! Well, glad i could read your post. I can only read the first post of a thread since this "upgrade". I cant read any replies!!

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Mon, 10-22-2012 - 10:06am

Yay!  I'm glad you were able to get the ADRs you wanted.    I know personally that always feels good to be able to check off as done!

I can't see your planning spreadsheet :(  But colorful is always good!

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Mon, 10-22-2012 - 3:18pm

Well rats, I thought I had my spreadsheet showing up, but then it disappeared. Here is the link anyway, 

I did look at the Boardwalk Bakery, and am keeping it in mind as an option if we get tired of room service. DH generally gets turned off by anything with "bakery" in the name, b/c he assumes its nothing but cakes, but it looks like there might be a breakfast sandwhich so if we get desperate I might drag him over there, ha! if it were just me, I'd be fine with eating a granola bar or muffin, but the rest of my family would be having major meltdowns by 10am. 

I'm just hoping we aren't over-doing it with too many amEMHs - I've always felt bad that we didn't make better use of those. The kids are usually up pretty early anyway, but it's so hard finding a good balance between enough sleep and enough playtime!

Oh, and I had to re-do my signature too. It was still there, even though it wasn't showing up at first, and it had reverted back to a slightly older one. But I didn't feel like finding the new one again so I just left it like that. I think I like this one better anyway, and it's still not too outdated :)

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