Art of Animation and Royal Rooms at POR

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Art of Animation and Royal Rooms at POR
Mon, 06-20-2011 - 11:29am

Looking to book for 2012? The new Art of Animation resort and the newly renovated royal rooms at POR are available for booking in 2012.

Val, Co-CL Disney Vacations

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Tue, 09-27-2011 - 3:05pm

Since I have no girls I have no interest in the Royal Rooms (but they are neat) but I really want to go to AoA and stay in the Lion King area. :)

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Tue, 09-27-2011 - 10:24pm

With family obligations we have in the next year we're probably looking at 2013 but Gabi is already asking to stay in the princess hotel (they show a brief thing about the Royal Rooms on the planning DVD) next time we go. :)