Bus question from POFQ/P to the parks...

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Bus question from POFQ/P to the parks...
Thu, 04-26-2007 - 2:15pm
For those of you who have stayed at POR or POFQ how long did it take to get to the parks from the hotel? We are going June 15 and I know it will be crowded. Some people have told me that I will not want to go back to the hotel during the day to rest/swim because the time it takes to wait for the bus and travel back to the hotel is too long. They tell me I would not want to waste that much time going back and forth. Is that true? I have been reading many messages on this board and it seems like many of you go back to your hotel some time during the day. We will be there for 7 days/7nights. Thanks for your help!
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Thu, 04-26-2007 - 3:57pm

We always go back and forth between the parks. We will be staying at POFQ for the 4th time in a couple of weeks. MGM and Epcot are the closest parks to the resort, then MK followed by AK.

My daughters are 5 and 3 and definitely need a break unless we hang around the resort until 2pm or 3pm and head over for the evening. Sometimes just hanging around the resort until after lunch works well for us, the kids sleep in and we are not in a rush to get out the door and they enjoy all the evening events in great moods.

I would estimate that it takes at least 30 minutes to go to and from each of the parks (this includes walking to bus stop, waiting, and the ride). There are those times though that you walk up to the bus stop and there is no waiting and the ride is 10 minutes to the park. It can also work the other way being 45 minutes or so if it is near opening or closing time.


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Fri, 04-27-2007 - 12:10am

Ashli hit on something there - the wait is definitely longer in the mornings when the parks are opening and in the evenings when the parks are closing. In th emiddle of the day, you might have a little wait, but it shouldn't be anything like those high traffic times (hopefully!)

Personally, if you were staying like 3 days, I would say definitley don't go back to the hotel during the day. But with a 7 day trip, you should have plenty of time to see everything you want to see and get a mid-day rest, at least on most days, so I say go for it.

Enjoy your trip!

JoAnna in TX



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Fri, 04-27-2007 - 7:55am

If we didn't go back to the room for a nap/rest everyday we would be one of those many grumpy people walking around the park! We all take a nap, except sometimes the 12 yo just works on some school work and relaxes with a book.

We stay in POFQ. We have one bus stop and we are always the first stop! The longest I have waited for a bus is about 10 min. I believe we had just missed the bus. It isn't that long of a ride and so worth it if you have kids or want to stay at the parks late into the evening. I love just being able to get away from the crowds for 2-3 hours and just relax.

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Wed, 05-02-2007 - 1:05am

We stayed the the POR, and in June, and it was very busy, but I would recomend that you take the buses, I really liked them and they didn't seem to take very long. We were only there for 4 full days, so if you are going to be there a full 7, I think that you will want to go to the hotel and rest, you are going to see alot. We went with a 2,5,6yo, we didn't ever make it back, but we were trying to see as much as we could in the short amount of time, next time we will be going for 7 days.


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Wed, 05-09-2007 - 1:15am

We stayed at POR last July when it was hot as blazes. We stayed for 7 days and went to all the parks, arriving before opening each morning. Often we went to parks for the evening and stayed til closing. We didn't regret taking the buses at all, even though we had a rental car. The trip that took us the longest was coming home from MGM one afternoon at 3; we had to wait a long time for a bus (I guess we just missed one). Somehow, though, even the long wait was ok...my kids loved chatting with people on the bus (as opposed to fighting, which is what they did every time we got in the car!).

When we left the parks all sweaty and tired, I loved getting onto a bus that was blasting the AC instead of getting into my furnace-hot car (we drove a couple mornings; we stayed off-site for the first few days of our trip before moving to POR...driving was ok, but I prefer the buses).

We had planned to come back early afternoon to POR each day, but most days, our kids just wanted to keep going and going...one day at MK we had such good luck with fastpasses (or maybe it was excellent planning, ha ha) that we stayed til 4:30, having a ball and not waiting long for anything. We didn't go back to a park that night, but it was ok -- some of us napped, some swam, and then we went off-site for dinner, which we had planned to do anyway.

A couple of days, our 2-year-old clearly needed to nap, so I'd hop on the bus with him and go back to POR early. I am a big fan of the Disney busses!!