DTD Hilton reviews? pros/cons?

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DTD Hilton reviews? pros/cons?
Tue, 06-26-2007 - 12:07pm

Okay, we are planning a big family trip in May with my family of 6, my ILs, BIL and his wife and 2 kids, SIL and boyfriend...so 14 of us total. We want to stay onsite for the transportation, Extra magic hours and possibly the dining plan. My SIL wants a suite for their then 2 yo to take naps/make meals etc... Is this a good compromise or should we just stay where we want and meet up at the parks? She said the prices were comparable to the ASM suites, does anyone know if this is true? My main concerns with this is the transportation. Thanks in advance for your help! I haven't been in 5 years and that was a whirlwind trip while 5 months pregnant, so I want this trip to be great!

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Wed, 06-27-2007 - 11:44am

We've stayed in various DTD suites as well as the ASM family suite. If prices are comparable at that time of the year, we'd chose the ASM suite. We loved having the 2 bathrooms, and there is just something special about being at a Disney resort. The ASM suite had a microwave and small fridge, so simple meals are possible there. Does the DTD hotel your SIL is checking out have a full kitchen? I guess I don't have a grasp on why your SIL would pick the DTD suite over the ASM suite if the prices and room set-ups are pretty much the same!

If you do decide upon a DTD suite, it will be fine. We never had issues with transportation (DTD hotels share buses that run quite often)....although we visit in the off season. It is *very* nice to walk right over to DTD. After our time at a park, we would sometimes take a Disney bus to DTD to hang out or grab a bite to eat before heading back to our hotel suite.

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