Good resort for 5 and 7 year old girls - first trip

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Good resort for 5 and 7 year old girls - first trip
Wed, 10-19-2011 - 10:15am

My girlfriend is taking her kids and dh for their first trip to WDW in late Jan.

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I immediately thought of the Art of Animation resort but unfortunately it won't be open until after their trip (spring 2012, I believe?) :(

I've never stayed at any of the values or mods, but the newly themed Nemo rooms at the Caribbean look like fun. If they have particular character favorites aside from Nemo, they might want to choose one of the All Stars for all those photo opps with the big statues :) Pop Century could also be cool. Gee, I was a big help, wasn't I? LOL

Personally I always wanted to try one of the Port Orleans but that's coming from an adult's view - I'm thinking the above resorts would definitely appeal to little kids b/c of the familiar characters and all the things to look at. Although honestly, you can't go wrong staying at any of the Disney resorts.

I believe you have to call Disney directly (or use a Disney Travel Specialist) to get room discounts - I don't think the online booking system prompt you for a code, but I could be wrong.

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In the past four years we have stayed in all three of the resort levels and I was sooooo happy with Caribbean Beach this trip. We stayed ASMo in 2009 along with my SIL, niece and nephew who were 8 and 6 at the time. The kids had fun in the pool, fun walking around the resort (not that we explored much outside the Toy Story area where we stayed) and did fine at the food court. However, there is nothing extra - no slides, no games, no nighttime movies...

I think had we stayed ar CBR that trip we would have had trouble getting the kids to the parks, lol. There is always music at the pool, they play games with the kids for a few hours each afternoon, they show nightly movies at the pool...all very fun things! We stayed in the Nemo room which was very cute and not over done in any way...the walk to the pool if you don't stay preferred is a little long (10 min) but our kids were in the stroller so no one complained about walking, lol. The downside of this resort is the bus system though. We didn't use it this past trip but I have in the past and the busses have to stop at several internal stops before heading to the parks...all adding time to the ride. But unless we were paying for two rooms again I do not think we would go back to a value ... Just didn't have much to offer...


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Our Absolute favorite is "Our Nature Home" - Port Orleans Riverside.

The resort is SO quiet and peaceful, a nice contrast to the parks, but there seems to always be things to do! The main splash pool runs scheduled games and entertainment, there is cane fishing in the morning, bikes or boats to rent, quiet pools near your room, an awesome food court, a sit down restaurant, horse drawn carriage rides, a pirate adventure cruise, hair wrapping, character artist, an arcade, near nightly entertainment vis YeeHaw Bob, movies under the stars, a campfire.

Plus you can take the boat to downtown Disney or over to Port Orleans- French Quarter to use the pool of have some Beniets!

The Royal Rooms in the mansions will be ready "Early Spring" but without dates I can't check to see if they will be available that early.
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Sat, 10-22-2011 - 10:45pm

My kids adore the pool area at Coronado Springs resort!