Grosvenor? Anyone stayed here? Good/Bad

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Grosvenor? Anyone stayed here? Good/Bad
Fri, 04-27-2007 - 7:46pm
Still searching for reservations. Anyone stayed at this hotel in DTD?
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Sat, 04-28-2007 - 1:55pm

I've heard wonderful things about this hotel. The only reason we haven't checked it out is because of price. I'm sure it's worth its price, but it wasn't worth it for us.


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Tue, 05-01-2007 - 10:31am

We stayed in the Grosvenor in 2001. It is an older place but has been remodeled. It's part hotel/part motel. Tower = hotel and courtyard = motel. If you want an interior entrance, make sure you reserve the right room. I believe courtyard is cheaper. They have a pool or two and a hot tub. It was fairly clean, but older looking. The room we had (courtyard) did not feel much bigger than Pop Century or All Stars (to me, anyway). It was two doubles. They may offer bigger rooms in the tower.

Their breakfast buffet is the best! They have character breakfasts two or three days a week that is included with the regular buffet. The DTD resort buses are nicer buses, more like the greyhound type. However, they don't run as often and if you are going to Magic Kingdom, they let you off at TTC instead of going all the way into MK. Therefore, you have to factor the additional travel time by ferry or monorail.

We've stayed at a Disney resort every year since that stay in the Grosvenor. We just like staying on property. The Grosvenor is a good choice if you want to stay in the DTD resort area. Just remember it is not owned by Disney and you won't get "all" the perks but should still get some of them.


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Tue, 05-01-2007 - 6:12pm

Well, I booked it! I just couldn't keep calling SOG every day hoping for 2 rooms to open.

I got a Florida resident discount so the room totaled $80.10 a night not to include resort fees and tax.

Honestly, I think this will work out nicely. My brother and his wife can go to DTD by themselves (walking) and go out drinking at one of the clubs there if they want and "walk" back home vs driving one of my cars. We will be taking my SUV and my small car from Tampa to Orlando because we all will not fit in 1 car with carseats and suitcases and strollers. In addition if any of us get tired and want to go back to the hotel, the whole group is not stuck at the hotel, whomever (like me) and just walk to DTD vs sitting in the room if I want.

The first night I plan on my 2 teens and my brother going to Disney Quest while his wife and I shop with the younger ones. I am tempted to make a dining reservations for house of blues or something. I mentioned it to my brother but he didn't respond to that part yet. I might go ahead and make the ressie just in case.

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Tue, 05-08-2007 - 8:25am
I've stayed there about six times since 1999. The last time was in May 2006. Honestly, for the FL resident discount and paying $80 per night, it isn't bad. BUT - I have stayed just about everywhere on and off Disney property (annual passholder) and it's one of my least favorite resorts. I LOVE the location to Downtown Disney and that's about the best thing I can say about it. Even after the refurb, the rooms are just old and dirty. The lobby stinks of stinky fish, etc. I just can't get past it. I only stay there as a last possible resort if everywhere else is filled up.