The new Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasy Land

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The new Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasy Land
Wed, 11-21-2012 - 2:41pm

The new Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasy Land is really cool. It is set in the castle from Beauty and the Beast. The food is good and so is the service. Our kids have sensitivity to loud noises and the west wing area of the restaurant was a little overwhelming for them. The ballroom area would have probably worked out better for us. Here is some more info:


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Tue, 06-18-2013 - 9:41am
I was talking with my cousin the other day about her BOG experience and they were not as weirded out as we were - and we were in there for all of 5 minutes taking pictures. Still, I think the theming is very dark - very cool b/c it really looks like the West Wing, but not where I would want to take my kids if they were young. Perhaps older boys would like this room best? While I liked the more cheery atmosphere of the Rose Garden room, it didn't remind me of anything in particular from the movie. The music box was really neat and there were lots of paintings and tapestries of Belle and the Beast around the perimeter of the room (Alan took lots of pics) so that was neat but my cousin hit the nail on the head - he said that it felt like a cafeteria-type room. Not a horrible thing but not the same as sitting in the Ballroom.

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