OMG Possible change in plans!

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OMG Possible change in plans!
Tue, 05-22-2007 - 6:45pm

I talked to my parents today...I *thought* they'd give me a categorical 'no', BUT they're considering going to Disney with us!!!! I'm TOO excited to think...but I HAVE to...take a deep breath...and look at my Accomodations options!

With my parents there, there will be 5 of us (4 adults, plus DS who's 9), which rules out any one Value room (we had reserved a room at All Stars Music) OMG so much togetherness (even if it's just to sleep and shower there) is not something that would work so well for DH and I! So, I need to quick think of my options and call to see if there's availability anywhere else. Criteria: 1. Budget (I'm paying for everything, including OMG my parents' plane tickets from South America, and probably the Dining Plan now that my folks are coming probably makes more sense than trying to go with the original "trail mix and sandwiches and a few sit down meals here and there" plan! Since the DP is NOT free when we're going, we're talking a big hike in my costs right off, without even having considered the hotel change yet!
2. Budget and 3 Budget! You get the idea!!

With that in mind...WHERE will the 5 of us "fit" and hopefullly not break the bank?? I know the deluxe hotels have a daybed...but that's way out of our range... Do the Moderates sleep 4 adults/1 child comfortably? Is one moderate better than another? I usually skipped all the discussions on that because we're strictly "value" people (and with just three of us, couldn't have really justified the extra expense)...but I'm off to look at the archives now! My mind is spinning with questions!

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Tue, 05-22-2007 - 7:18pm

What about an All Star Family Suite or a Fort Wilderness cabin?

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Tue, 05-22-2007 - 7:38pm

Thank you for replying fast! :) Yes, I'm considering those...The cabin is particularly tempting because of the extra room...although my mom hates the 'campground' atmosphere (even if we would be SO much more comfortable than camping!) and I kind of want to spoil her...after all my parents were the ones who took me to Disney when I was a kid, now I'm taking them (and probably my last chance...long story there)!
I haven't looked into the All Star Suites yet, but I know they're at the Music. What's the setup, do you know?? Are there two doubles/queens plus space for a child? (And at less price than two rooms, hopefully?) If so, I'm sure that would be perfect! If they're more expensive than two rooms, then we'd get the two rooms, because we won't really be using the kitchen facilities...

I just read your post about ADR's Would your kids like the Coral Reef restaurant at Epcot? I'm considering it for my own rumbunctious boy, after reading reports of how it mesmerized otherwise wild kids :)

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Tue, 05-22-2007 - 9:52pm

I was looking at the All Star Music Suites originally because they sleep 6 and what is really great is there is a queen bed in a separate bedroom plus 2 bathrooms (only 1 bathroom at Fort Wilderness). You also get a kitchenette in the music suite which would be great for breakfast every morning!

Here is a link I found that has a drawing of the layout.

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Tue, 05-22-2007 - 10:46pm

If the suites is going to be an option for you I encourage you to call asap. We had to adjust our travel days in August because there wasn't a suite available when we wanted to go! Sonya said they book up very fast.

The suite has two rooms. One has a queen bed and full bath, and a small kitchenette with micro, fridge and sink. "Living Room" has another full bath, a couch that pulls out, a chair that pulls out and an ottoman that pulls out (hence sleeping 6).

Good luck with you decision. The next choices are the cabins as you know. Then I believe Port Orleans Riverside which is two beds (full or queens? not sure) with a small trundle. Don't think that would work for you. I'm sure others may have thoughts though.
good luck!


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Wed, 05-23-2007 - 7:38pm
Since it is four adults I would either consider an All Star suite or two rooms. Otherwise you will only have one bathroom and that would be a headache. Another pricier option would be a vacation club room.

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Wed, 05-23-2007 - 10:35pm

Wow!! My parents are coming with us too, however they are paying their own way. You are a GREAT daughter! Anyway, when I was looking at our options I looked at rental houses in the area. I think they were called All Star Vacation Homes. I found it on a search on They looked really nice and were really reasonable. You would also be able to cut cost by eating there instead of paying disney prices :) However, you would have the added cost of a car rental. Something makes me think that you got a free rental if you stayed more than 6 nights, but I am not for sure. In the end, we chose to stay on property. But, it sounds like a great option for you. Some of the houses had pools :) Anyway, good luck to you! I am sure you will have a Magical time!!

Leslie :)

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Thu, 05-24-2007 - 12:15pm

The five of you will fit in one room at Port Orleans Riverside - the trundle there is designed for a child. The rooms are a decent size adn if you won't be in them much it could work. It does only have one bathroom - may or may not be a problem in a smaller room. The bathroom section can be curtained off for some sense of privacy.

Fort Wilderness Cabins are definately an option, but your mom may not like them. Again they have only one bathroom, but with a back bedroom, a full kitchen and plenty of space to spread out we've never found that to be a problem when getting ready in the am.

All Star Music Family Suites are also an option and would give you two bathrooms, but they are never discounted, so you'd definately be paying rack rate. I've heard various reports of how comfortable the pull outs are for adults, but all say they are definately better than standard pull outs becuase the design does not have any bar in the back. The suites cost a tiny bit more than two value rooms and have a fridge.

you could also do two rooms at a value and ask for them to connect. This would give you the same space as the suite, 2 bathrooms and the possibility of a discount.

You can look into renting points from a DVC member, this would give you nice accomidations at a low price.

There is also the option of 2 rooms at a moderate, a single or 2 rooms at a deluxe, but if the budget is a concern (and when isn't it! lol) then 2 rooms at a value would probably be your best onsite option.

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Thu, 05-24-2007 - 10:04pm
Shades of Green sleeps 5 per room but you have to be eligible to stay there (military, etc). It's right next to the poly.
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Fri, 05-25-2007 - 7:59am
That is soooo cool that they have something for our Military! My DH was in the Navy, but wouldn't meet requirements to use this resort. I'm happy that they have something for them.