Value hotel choice?

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Value hotel choice?
Wed, 02-06-2013 - 10:55pm

We're not really value people.  And we don't usually even stay at Disney hotels, as we feel the value is better elsewhere.  But, we're going in 2.5 weeks and it's actually CHEAPER to stay at a Disney Value than where we usually stay (weird).  And since we're no longer AP holders, we realized we have to pay to park at the parks - so that's an extra $15/day if we don't stay at Disney.  Gah!

So, good prices on All-Star Sports or Pop (only $25 more total for 3 nights).  Which would you recommend?  (We've never stayed at either, but we stayed at ASMovies one night, ages ago.)  Luckily, we won't be going back for naps anymore (woohoo!), but I do need to go to bed early, because I'm running the Princess Half Marathon on Sunday (super-early morning).  Any thoughts/recommendations??

Oh, and I should add that it's about $200 more (for 3 nights) to stay at CBR (also never stayed there).  Would it be worth it to upgrade?  My main motivator is price, but if it means better sleep or ability to eat breakfast in the room (microwaves??), I'd consider the upgrade.


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Thu, 02-07-2013 - 9:36am

I've stayed at Pop and CBR. I'll start with Pop:
My DH and I stayed here for our honeymoon in January 2007. It is a really fun resort, with the large icons from the decades everywhere. We spent half a day just going around the resort taking fun pictures of everything. Since Pop is a value, there are more kids running around and it is a bit noisier in the main "common" areas. However, we didn't have any issues with noise near our room. If I remember correctly, we were near the end of one of the spokes of the buildings, so not near the elevators. If you go with Pop, I'd request an end room (not sure how to word it, though). When we were there, there was NOT a coffee maker in the room, and definitely no microwave. I think all the rooms do have a fridge, now, though, so you could always take/buy things like yogurt or milk and cereal to have for breakfast. All in all, I really did like this resort and had a fun time while staying there (we were there almost a week...5-6 days, I think).
CBR is (usually) a quieter resort, except around the main areas such as pool and food court. I did like the food choices here a bit better, and they have a Table Service restaurant (steakhouse) that was pretty good. I was here in 2009. The rooms feel to be a bit bigger, but it could just be the decor, also. It is definitely a "milder" design, as it is designed to represent the Caribbean and has a lot of pastels and lots of trees. The only problems we ran into while here was the fact that the tail end of our vacation coincided with the World Cheerleading and Dance competitions, so the last several days were VERY loud EVERYWHERE. We actually had to call the front desk several times at night and have them send someone out to tell the dang cheerleaders that they couldn't practice their routines at 9-10pm in the grassy areas near the room buidlings. And they were messy and left trash EVERYWHERE also. Other than the time that we were there with them, it was a great resort. However, there was no microwave in the room (at least then, I don't know about now). There was a coffee maker and fridge. 
I guess I would suggest Pop, since you said that money was your main motivating factor and I'm pretty sure that CBR doesn't have microwaves. I think the only rooms that do have those are the suite type rooms. Have you looked at the studios at the DVC resorts? They would give you a little kichenette, however, could be quite a bit more. 
And congratulations on running the Princess Half! I am currently training to run the Disney Half Marathon next January with a group of friends.