AP Trip 9 - Day 2 - Part 2

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AP Trip 9 - Day 2 - Part 2
Wed, 12-05-2012 - 8:56pm

We were off to the safari and just in time for our Fast Passes!  We walked right up - no wait.  I was enjoying my new-ish camera on this trip.  It has a good zoom for a point-n-shoot, so I was able to get better animal shots than usual.  Of course, some were really close, too!

Too many photos (which I've tried to pare down - we'll see) -

The rhino way in the back (near the start) - my camera zoomed really well on this one!

Hippo train -

As I remember, the giraffes were actually really close to us!  I think the vehicles in front of us had gotten slowed down by them being so close.

Baby elephant!!!

The kids enjoying the safari -

Now, these rhinos were right up close to the road.  I have never seen them so close before!  And there were a bunch of them, all right together!  I was very excited by the rhinos.  :)

The lions were being most unimpressive, but I had to see how my camera would do anyway -

And the ZEBRAS were on display!!!!   Not like I haven't seen zebras tons of times, but I was excited to see the new addition here.

Allison and I, finishing up the safari -

Okay, that was a lot of safari pictures - sorry if they were boring.  I hope the rhinos and zebras entertained someone as much as me.  :)

Where were we off to next???

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Wed, 12-05-2012 - 10:38pm

We were there the week before and saw great images of the animals too!  Must be that time of year.  I love the picture of the girls on safari, they look so pretty!


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Thu, 12-06-2012 - 10:15am

Really great animal shots.    Looks like a great time for the safari!