Chapter 10 - Return to Magic Kingdom

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Chapter 10 - Return to Magic Kingdom
Fri, 04-05-2013 - 11:56am

Wow, it is Thursday already. Today is MK emh morning, so we were up super early. Too early to even stop at Mara's for breakfast. We were at the bus stop at 6:00 am, as MK opened at 7:00 am. We waited. . .and waited. . .and waited. . . .when did the bus finally show up? 6:45 am.

When we got to MK the opening show had already started and there was quite a crowd already. We had managed to do enough yesterday that our "to do" list for today was small at least. Buzz Lightyear, Dumbo, and Goofy's Plane.

We scanned our cards and had to push into the crowd, as there were people all the way up to the turnstiles waiting for rope drop.

When the rope dropped we made our way straight to Buzz Lightyear.

We started to head over to Dumbo, but Maddie asked to ride Indy 500 again. Mickie was hesitant, saying she didn't want to drive again. . .so Maddie asked her to be her co-pilot. Mickie agreed.

On our way to Indy 500 we passed the Astro Orbitor. Now we have never ridden this, but there was no line and the girls were asking about it. . .so we went for it. It was a hit with them.

Now, on to Indy.

They both had a great time.

Now, on to Dumbo. I really expected a line - but there was none (not sure where that crowd all disappeared to).

They rode Dumbo 3 times in a row. And it was COLD. So after the 3rd ride they asked if they could stay in the play area to warm up. So I went inside with it. It really is a cute play area in there.

They played in here until I realized it was 9:00 am. Goofy's "Great Goofini" didnt open until 9:00 am. So they raced out of the play area and went straight for this roller coaster.

They rode it over, and over and over without getting off - as there was no line. Seriously, where did that crowd go???

The theming over here is really cute. There are even peanuts sunk deep into the concrete ground.

Okay, so what did they ride after Goofy's plane? Back to Dumbo of course. :)

After Dumbo I told them it was time to head over to Crystal Palace for our ADRs. On the way we passed the Tea Party, which had no line - so the girls gave me "the look". I told them to go for it. . once.

Now we checked in for Crystal Palace. It was backed up pretty good. The CM told me that people were lingering inside, most likely due to the weather. But they were nice, they brought out hot chocolate and coffee for anyone waiting outside that wanted any. I passed but the M&Ms each got a cup of the hot chocolate.

We finally got in. The CM was picking on Maddie, like she ordered OJ - and she said he would bring her apple (he did bring orange). .. . and she had a shirt on with Eyeore on it, but he kept calling him Tigger, etc. At one point when Maddie asked for more OJ he brought it so full she couldn't pick it up. . .. .

Mickie decided to lend a helping straw. . . .

We saw the usual characters. . . .

After breakfast we went back to our resort. It was 1:00 by the time we went back. We had no other plans for today, and no plans for the morning. We were tired - and so the girls sat on the balcony with their dolls watching the animals while I started to pack - we had aquired quite a few items and I needed to be sure everything had a spot.

After I did some packing, we went down to the arcade for a while.    Still too cold for the pool - and Mickie is still coughing/sniffling too much.

On our way out of the arcade, we stopped at Mara for some snacks & drinks for the evening. And back to our room for a quiet evening of tv and sleep.

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Fri, 04-05-2013 - 8:25pm

Sounds like a perfect day! Sounds like the girls really got a chance to enjoy everything they wanted! Sorry to hear you guys never made it to the pool though. :(