Chapter 2 - Magic Kingdom here we come

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Chapter 2 - Magic Kingdom here we come
Tue, 04-02-2013 - 5:43am
I picked MK for our first day for a variety of reasons. . .one being the crowd calendar showed it as being a low crowd day. Wrong. It was pretty crowded.

We checked the Princess wait in Townsquare, 45 minutes. Went over to Buzz Lightyear, wait was 45 minutes. The girls asked if we could go on the People mover. . .yay! 0 wait.

Of course the knuckleheaded girls had to do the "do not do" poses.

I can't get Maddie's pic to turn correctly for some reason. Anyhow, we rode all the way around once, they were kind of bummed because Space Mountain must not have been running as it was lit up & we could see the tracks, etc. When we got back to the exit, there was no line & the girls asked if we could stay on - the CM said yes, so we rode it around a 2nd time. This time Space Mountain appeared to be running. This ride also takes you through Stitch's Great Escape, and Maddie asked why we have never done this ride. I told her I didn't know much about it, except it tends to scare kids. So. . .they wanted to try it and we headed that way. HA, no wait at all! :)

To my surprise my daughters LOVED Stitch's Great Escape. They thought it was funny. But you do hear young kids crying during parts of it.

After Stitch we went over to Indy 500, and both girls were tall enough to drive on their own! So they did. . . .

When they got back Maddie was all smiles - Mickie was not. Seemed she had trouble with her car, and some teenagers behind her were shouting four-letter words at her. She said she never wanted to drive the cars again. :(

After Indy we went over to the teacups. The girls did this ride two times before we moved on.

Then we checked in at Be Our Guest. They had two lines here, one for people with ADRs and one for people hoping to get in. . .the 2nd line was a good three times as long as the one that had ADRs.

We had a great seat, right by the window. We could see it snowing outside.

The place was gorgeous. I had decided ahead of time to try the Ratatouille. Turned out to be something I could not eat. The Quinia is rather like rice, so I was picking the vegetables off the top & eating them. The CM was nice and offered to get me something else, but really - we were there to see the place and the girls were very happy with their meals. . so I was good.

We each tried a different cupcake. I had the lemon one, Mickie had the chocolate cupcake and Maddie tried the chocolate cream puff. They were all hits.

The CM told us to be sure to check out the west wing before we leave. I had read that if you wait long enough the painting of the prince will change. We did wait, but it seemed odd to be standing around the other diners hoping for a pic - so I guess we didn't wait long enough, as we never saw it change.

After checking out the west wing, we went to meet the host. It was kind of funny as Mickie would not stand very close to him. I asked her if she was scared of him, and she said "No, I just don't want to step on his big feet". He backed up and looked down on her like she said something really off the wall. It was funny.

We then went into the hall with the coat of arms and listened to them talk. They really are as funny as I've read they are. My DDs tapped on a few - wondering if there were people inside.

We stopped at the pretty stained glass (Mickie LOVES stained glass windows) and the girls posed like the famous couple.

When we left we walked to see the how long the Little Mermaid ride wait was (I forgot to update my app before we left, so the ride was not listed). It was 60 minutes. But the area was cute. We stopped to look at the fountain and bought some pins for the girls lanyards.

It was getting windy/cold and we had a very early start in the morning, so we started to head out of the park. When we got up to where the carousel was Maddie asked if they could ride. I saw the Little Mermaid FP there, so I sent the girls on the carousel while I got fast passes.

The tickets were good in about 25 minutes - not bad.

So the girls rode the carousel a 2nd time, and then we went over and rode It's a Small World. After we got off that, we made our way back over to the Little Mermaid ride. I had read it is a lot like Nemo, and it is - but I'd say it is much prettier. Kind of like parts of Splash Mountain. The music was happier, the coloring pretty. My DDs LOVED it.

When we got off the ride it was pretty dark & cold. We started out of the park again - and they were roping off for the parade. Yikes. I told the girls we needed to make a bee line out, as I didn't want to try to get out at the same time as the rest of this crowd did. Maddie grabbed one of my hands and started pushing through the crowd. . .I grabbed Mickie's hand and we were on our way. Maddie did a great job getting us out of there. . .once we were outside the park she looked at me, all smiles and said "See sometimes being a bossy chick is a good thing". LOL. Got to love her logic.

So, we got a bus quickly - and were at AKL in no time. We got off the bus and I remember thinking "I don't remember it looking like this when we left". But it was late, we were tired, it was a long day & it was dark. So we go inside and I thought "wow, I really don't remember it looking like this" and then I saw a sign point the direction to Sanaa. Ooops, now I knew why things all looked wrong. LOL. We got off at the wrong lodge.

So back to the bus stop we went, waited for the next MK bus so we could get back over to Jamba. We went up to the lounge and grabbed drinks, then back down to our room. Our beds had been turned down and decorated with chocolate giraffes.

Our luggage was there, so we unpacked quickly - then showered and to bed. We have to get up early tomorrow for the sunrise safari.
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Tue, 04-02-2013 - 3:31pm

You know, almost every time I have gone on People Mover, the lights in Space Mountain have been on! It must break a LOT. Kinda ruins the Magic for sure though :(

I love seeing the pictures of BOG, can't wait to eat there!

That just stinks about other kids ruining the ride for Mickie. I know "kids will be kids" sometimes, but I don't understand why so many don't seem to have any sense of decency. I hope she got over quickly and enjoyed the day!

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Tue, 04-02-2013 - 7:56pm

Sounds like a seriously great first day! Although, I am so sad for Mickie about the Speedway, what a crappy experience. Love your review of BOG and am glad you got to do LM on day one, we loved it too! Those giraffes are too cute on the pillows!


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Wed, 04-03-2013 - 12:05am

A GREAT first day as you always do :D!  <3 it.

In peace,

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Thu, 04-04-2013 - 9:36pm
great first day except for those seriously inappropriate teenagers!

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Sat, 04-06-2013 - 11:10am

Love that you took the girls on a "girls only" trip again.  You are so brave! 

I hadn't read about the "guards" at BOG, so I was glad to read that.  I am waiting on fall rates to come out, and then I'm booking another mother/daughter trip :)

So sad to hear that teenagers would be like that at WDW.  Poor upbringing!

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Tue, 04-09-2013 - 10:44am
Oh, how exciting that you got to eat at BOG! I want to at least see inside there, but no chance yet. :( Sounds like a great day, other than the speedway - what a bummer at that!