Chapter 4 - We are not in Kansas anymore. . . . .

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Chapter 4 - We are not in Kansas anymore. . . . .
Tue, 04-02-2013 - 3:51pm

Today is Friday. After a very early rise kind of day yesterday I planned a late one for today.   We are going to start with a late ADR at Cape May. Our ADR was for 10:45 am.

We left AKL and just caught the first bus that came, which was DTD. Not a big deal since it was early. . .except, once in DTD it took forever for a Beach Club bus to come. Another family was on the bus with us, complaining to the bus driver about how long they took. . . .they also had ADRs for Cape May, their ADR time was 10:15 am. This woman started to tell me how it all works. . .I smiled, thanked her for the information and asked if it was her first trip - and it was. It was cute to see a 30ish woman so excited about an ADR with Minnie Mouse.

Anyhow, we all got to Cape May at 11:00 am. So it was a little late for us, but not bad. Maddie had asked me to put her hair in two pigtails so she could look like Goofy when he came over.

As usual, we had a good time. The girls love that you can draw on the paper on the table.

After breakfast we took the boat over to Epcot. Our plan for the day was just to walk around World Showcase, see the toparies, the Oz playground and the butterfly farm.

We made our way over to the Oz area. It was a neat set up. Some great photo ops, some carnival type games and a playground.

The playground looked like a lot of fun. My DDs started to run for it, and I stopped them. I can't remember now what the sign said - I think it was for ages 5 and under though. So as badly as they wanted to play, they were too old.

We also visited the Butterfly area

Of course we had to stop and play in the fountain too.

They were handing out buttons for the Oz event.   This tickled Maddie as she just recently started to collect buttons.

So after making our way around World Showcase, the girls were ready to go. Where did they want to go? DTD of course. They both needed more Mr. Potato Head parts. So that is what we did. We took the boat back to the Yacht club, and then a bus back to DTD.

After we went back to our resort and the girls spent their afternoon playing with the new potato head parts and sitting on the balcony watching the animals.

We had no ADRS or plans for the rest of the day/evening. Eventually the girls let me know they were hungry, so we went down to Mara to see what they had. Neither girl found anything they wanted to eat. So we went over to Boma and asked if they had any openings. They did! So we got our dinner at Boma. I didn't personally find a lot I could eat - but the girls found some pasta they loved and gobbled it up.

After Boma we went up to the CL lounge and grabbed some cold drinks to take back to our room. Tonight the new Wizards vs Wizards movie was coming on - and that is how we planned to finish our day off. Bath, TV, sleep.

Tomorrow is morning emh at DHS, and we planned to be up & out there early. . .

So. . .zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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The girls at Cape May are adorable! Too bad they could not play, that place looks fun! We love our WDW potato head parts and plan to get more on our next trip, they have been played with a ton! Glad you got to try Boma, we have never made it there, but someday I hope to! 

Thank you for writing your report! I am loving it!


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This is my kind of day - late breakfast (did they serve breakfast to you at 11?), just strolling around Epcot, and a relaxing afternoon, and a great dinner followed by a laid-back evening :).  All in preparation for your next early day :D LOL!

In peace,

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Looks like you just about had Cape May all to yourself! We are (hopefully) going to eat breakfast there in a few weeks, it's actually the only character meal in all of WDW that I've never done!

Love all the pics from F&G, can't wait to see it myself! That's a bummer about the playgrounds having an age restriction, glad I found that out now so that Lily won't be disappointed. I'm sure Owen will love them while we are waiting for Child Swaps though. We should probably try to see the new Oz movie before we go, but I'm not sure we'll have time.

I love the buffet at Boma... just another reason why we need to stay there!!!

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I couldn't remember the dates of your trip, but, sadly, I know what day the Wizards vs. Wizards came out, so I guess I can figure it out. (We still haven't seen that - we don't have cable!) Sounds like a nice day!