Chapter 6 - Costa Maya

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Chapter 6 - Costa Maya
Fri, 12-07-2012 - 3:38pm

We werent due to dock in Costa Maya until around noon today.  So we slept in some, and then went down to Lumineres for the ala cart breakfast.     After breakfast John took the girls to the kids club.    Shortly after breakfast I started to feel awful - so John and I went back to the stateroom.    I pack OTC meds with us, so I took a few items and laid down.    I really felt badly, and debated going on the excursion.   The Mayan ruins were an hour bus ride each way. . ..I couldn't imagine going through this in the middle of no where.    John took my ticket down to guest services to see if they would remove me, and he said he would still take the kids.    I asked him to please not tell them I was feeling sick, as I was beginning to think it was something I ate and the last thing I wanted was to be quarantined.    John came back and said that it was too late to get the tour refunded, which I already knew (as it was under 24 hours) my concern was head count.    John said if I wasn't better he would just make sure they took me off.

I debated as I really didn't want to miss the ruins.   And thankfully after about an hour the meds kicked in and whatever was wrong seemed to pass.   So, around noon we went down to the theater to meet the tour group.   We were led off the ship in the same manner.  This was one very long pier.  They have a tram that runs from the ship to the port  & back to help people.  But the group we were in was very large - so we walked.    It was a pretty day.

Pic of the pier/port  from the ship

They couldn't get over how blue the water was

We were broken out on about 4 buses.  The guide said there were 50 on our bus.    So, we then set off for the ruins.   He was a funny guy - English was his 3rd language (Mayan and Spanish 1st and 2nd).  So when he was at a loss for the appropriate English word he would say "blah blah blah".   Sometimes a guest would fill in the word he was missing, but always someone would giggle.

My family was very excited to get going. . .

And here they are about 15 minutes later (seriously)

So, I watched the world go by on my own.    At one point in a small town we hit several speed bumps.  The guide told us the bumps were put there to force tourist to slow down in hopes of the stands along the side of the road getting to sell some of their fruit.

I snapped a pic of the stands as we went by

Nearly an hour later we stopped at a spot with a bathroom.  So I made sure both girls went.  After which we took a short hike out to the ruins.    I wasn't sure how the girls would behave, wondering if they were too young - but to my surprise they found it fascinating.   Maddie often shot her hand up to ask questions.  

Chacchoben means "place of the red corn".   They believe the soil used to make the bricks were red back then.   The structures were built in 700 AD.

There were three ceremonial structures here.  The guide shows us pics he took himself at sunrise and sunset, the sun/moon lined up perfectly with the temple.

We also heard noise in the trees overhead.  After zooming a bit - we saw. . .

From another of the structures

After about 2 1/2 hours we headed back.   We bought some snacks & a Mayan mask.  The tour guide passed out cold water.  WE got on the bus and headed back to port.  As you can imagine my 3 companions all zzzzzzzzz again.

Some shots walking through the port buildings back to the ship

Kim, not sure if you are still thinking of the pool area in port - but it looked really pretty, clean and not crowded.

these guys were standing around.  I'm sure to pose or perform for $.  But I snapped their pic anyhow. 

Looking back at Costa Maya as we were getting back on the ship. . .

All aboard was at 5:30, we were back in our stateroom at 5:15 and dinner was at 5:45.   Sheesh.  We cleaned up fast and headed back down to Luminere's.  Thankfully it was cruise casual night.

I don't have any notes for this evening - but if I had to bet, we were back in the lounge for the dance party & Tim took care of us again.    It really was something the M&Ms wanted to do every single night.

I do have a pic of what we found when we got back to our stateroom. . .a critter with eyes & tail of chocolate.


So tomorrow is Cozumel, Thanksgiving and semi-formal night - all rolled into one

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Tue, 01-29-2013 - 5:42am

Hi M'Shel!!   How was your mother/daughter trip?

We are going to Hawaii first - Aulani and then on the NCL Pride of America around the islands.     Then for Christmas we are going on Carnival - the Magic.    My DDs have wanted to try a "whale tail" ship and the Carnival Magic goes out of Galveston so no airfare made it more affordable.  

Most cruise lines open at their lowest price, and then the prices rise as the ship fills up.   So if it is a popular ship, or popular route the further out you book it - the lower the price.   Disney is the worst at the prices going up quickly.    Norweigan seems to have the most sales, but their kids club is probably not as good as other cruise lines.   

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Mon, 01-28-2013 - 5:23pm

The ruins look so neat!  We would love that as we all pretty much think that kind of stuff is cool.  My hand would definitely have been up LOL!  And the picture of the fruit stands was cool, too.

What cruise line are you doing next year?  Wondering because we are really interested.  Would like to plan something for this June, but if I can save a lot of money by going next year, we'll do that instead.

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 8:48pm

Oh wow!  The ruins look amazing.  You must have been so proud of the girls when they shot their hands up to ask questions!!!!


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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 4:52pm

my DH said he could have explored those ruins longer.  So I found something that interests him other than Alaska.   Mayan ruins.  :)    We are doing a similiar cruise next year (Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaica) - so I have been looking at ruins to get an idea of options.   Seems there are more off Cozumel - but they take even longer to get to.  While my family sleeps, I don't - so I'm not sure I'm up for a longer trip to get there.

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 1:23pm
How cool to see the Mayan ruins! Sounds like a lot to cram in to just a few hours - and rush back to dinner. LOL at your sleepy travel companions!

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Sat, 12-08-2012 - 6:18pm

Totally loving your trip report! Seeing the world, and Disney, all rolled into one vacation sounds like it would be beyond awesome. If only I could convince DH, Sigh. I'll just live vicariously through you for now :) Can't wait to hear the rest!

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