Chapter 6 - How Lazy Can we be. . . the challenge

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Chapter 6 - How Lazy Can we be. . . the challenge
Wed, 04-03-2013 - 8:21am

Last year my daughters both crashed big time on daylight savings day. Hoping to learn from that, I planned very little for today. I didn't even set an alarm.

The girls woke up about 10:00 am and were moving slow. We showered, woke up a bit and went down to Boma for breakfast at 10:50 am.

Now I had planned to have today be a day for the pool, but that was still out due to weather & Mickie's sniffles. So I asked them what they wanted to do - I offered AK to hit the petting zoo area. Or we could head to DHS to find the Wreck It Ralph charcters we forgot to see yesterday. What did they pick? The arcade and Legos.

So after breakfast we went up to the lounge and grabbed some drinks for later - then back to our room. The girls quietly played with their Legos. . .. I played got on my Iphone and passed the time on FB and email.

At 2:00 I told the girls to get ready to leave, and we went down to Simbas. They had a ceramics class. I forgot to take pics of the girls finished products. Anyhow, Mickie did a lizard and Maddie a lion.

Boy, Mickie needs her face washed some more doesn't she? LOL. Okay, after they finished those two pieces they wanted to do another - but they were going to shut down the ceramics early . .as we were the only ones there. So they said they could only have another 30 minutes. The girls both picked small pieces and painted fast. . .Mickie did a monkey, and I think Maddie did an elephant.

We left Simbas and went over to the arcade for a bit.

After the arcade I wanted to go to the lobby to pick up our tickets for HDDR later tonight. The wait for the front desk wasn't big. . just two people, and both were being helped - but it didn't seem like they were going to stop any time soon. So I decided to head up to the CL to see if they could do the tickets.

By now the girls were on the floor with a CM doing crayon impressions of the tile. They asked if they could stay, and the CM said she would watch them. . . okay, I'll admit this still scared me - but I did it. I went up to 6 and got the tickets for HDDR and came right back down. . .they were still coloring.

The CM's name was Lepo (I think), I remember her telling Maddie it means Thankful.

Another great shot from the balcony today

Later at HDDR we were at a table right at the stage. The girls were very excited about this. Maddie was laughing up a storm. I love when she lets loose like this. She told me she thinks the show gets funnier every year. That made me smile, because the jokes are the same - she is just getting them more and more every year.

6 bits was playing up to Maddie some. Winking her way, laughing towards her, etc. I guess as we were so close and she was sooo into the show. At one point the others on the stage ask him to do the hokey pokey by putting his "back side" in.. . .he said he couldn't because there was a woman that had googly eyes for him - and he pointed to me. I think Maddie just about lost it at that one - and had to tell John later when he called. Funny.

I went to take Mickie's pic as she was twirling the napkin, and 6 bits posed right behind her. . .he said he couldn't miss out on being in a fan's photo.

6 bits then tossed his hat to Mickie and asked her if she could throw it onto his head. . .and yup, she sure could.

Course I brought the smaller camera, which I love - but it wasn't fast enough for this shot.

Now our ADR at HDDR was the late sitting - 8:30 pm. If you do the late time slot you can use the dining plan for category 1, so I had done this purposely when Candice, et al were coming so they would get to sit close. But that meant when it was over it was very late. They had buses outside waiting for us by area. I think we were back at our rooms by midnight. We were tired, and climbed into bed.

Tomorrow we have another late start kind of day planned. . . . .

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Sounds like a nice relaxing day, even with the late end. HDDMR sounds like an awesome time, I hope John wasn't jealous you had your eyes on another man. ;)


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Sounds like a nice day.  I LOVE HDDR!  I want to go back so badly Smile

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What a relaxing but late day! I wonder if it's getting funnier because she's understanding more of the jokes as she gets older?

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Oh HDDR sounds so fun! Love how Maddie was so into it! Nice that you could have a "lazy " day.

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