Chapter 7 - Lazy Day, the sequel

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Chapter 7 - Lazy Day, the sequel
Wed, 04-03-2013 - 8:25am

In light of daylight savings being yesterday & a late ADR at HDDR I planned today as another quiet day. We have a late (10:50 am) ADR at Ohana. So we slept in, then made our way over there.

Fun breakfast as usual.

I gathered from Mickey Mouse's hand language - that he was asking if he was seeing double.

Mickie told Stitch that she bought a pin for her lanyard that was him dressed up like Elvis. So he played air guitar for us.

Mickey Mouse made it back over to our table. Makayla told him about the first time she met him - and they posed nose to nose as her name is Mickie too. Well, the mouse decided to redo that shot for her.

Here is the 2008 version (we have this shot blown up & hanging up in our living room)

After breakfast we went back to our resort - both girls actually wanted a nap. So we all laid down.

When we got up a few hours later, there were some nice shots from balcony again.

The girls asked me when we were going to be able to get on BTMRR. I told them we had an early emh on Thursday. That we would hit the rides that were opened for emh - and then make a bee line for BTMRR when it opened. But we had a morning ADR so we may not get to ride it more than once or twice. They didn't like this and asked if there was another day we could go. So I started looking at our plans.

Today is Monday. Tomorrow is Tuesday, and I was planning Epcot, the girls really wanted to ride Figment so that was not changeable. I told them Wednesday I had plans for an early emh morning at AK so we could try Everest. Maddie asked me if that was the tall mountain we pass every day on the bus. . .yes. . .well, she doesn't want to ride that without John there. Grrrr. I showed them video at home and they were game. But it seems seeing that mountain in peson changed her. I reminded them of the petting area, etc. But they both asked if we could do MK instead.

So I got on the phone and cancelled our Tusker House ADR. I then asked if they had a lunch ADR for Tony's opened - and they did! For 11:00 am! Score. So our Wednesday plans had been updated.

Now all that resting & changing out of the way - it was time to head to DTD again, this time for Ragland Road.

Dinner was good. And the girls were invited up on stage to dance.

The both got certificates. They were are in Gaelic though. Someone came over and translated, but I already forgot what it said.

I got this shot of a double headed giraffe when we got back to our resort!

We then called John and made it an early night. Tomorrow was emh morning at Epcot, and we have a date with Figment. :)

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Wed, 04-03-2013 - 9:23pm

Sounds like a great, relaxing day! I love the LILO and Stitch shirts!