Chapter 8 - A date with Figment

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Chapter 8 - A date with Figment
Wed, 04-03-2013 - 10:03am

Tuesday morning. EMH at Epcot.

We stopped down in Mara and grabbed some muffins for a quick breakfast. Then went to the bus stop.

Okay, I saw on my phone and on the news today that it was suppose to rain. I even said "wow, it's going to rain today". But did I pick up the rain coats? nope. We were sitting at the bus stop and it started to rain. I debated going back to the room and getting the rain coats - when the bus showed up. By then it was letting up, so we went for it. Course (you guessed it) it was raining pretty good by the time we got to Epcot.

Thankfully there was a cart opened outside of Epcot selling ponchos. So I bought each girl one.

When the park opened I wanted to head straight to Soarin. . .but Spaceship earth was right there with no line at all and my DDs begged.   So, we went. It is a favorite of the girls.

So after playing around there we went over to Soarin. It's not even 9:00 am yet, so the park is only opened to resort guests. . .line was estimated at 50 minutes already. I looked at the FP return times and it clashed with our lunch ADR, so I didn't get any.

We went over to Living the Land, we had never done that before. It went over well. It was nearly 9:00 am, so we then waited in line for the Circle of Life - another one we have never done. After that we went back down to check the FP times for Soarin, they still clashed with our ADR time. :(

We left that building and went down to Figment. Last year we rode this for the first time and I didn't know about the area at the end of Figment, so I didn't allow enough time before we had to run to an ADR - so they were happy they got to spend more time here this time around.

After Figment we went over to Nemo and rode that. Then we waited for Crush. It was nice to see they still enjoyed the Crush time.

We then went to Innovations - which was a first for us. They loved all the hands on stuff here.

After Innovations we went to the shop by the lake, for Duffy stuff. Both girls got a toy. Then it was time to head over to Rose & Crown. Yes, we had Coral Reef initially booked - but I changed it after we got here. I love Rose & Crown. :)

When we got in line the people in front of us were warning us that since it was raining the outdoor area would not be available - so they would probably not have extra seats. I said that was fine, I'd wait. They really encouraged me not to wait, which I found odd. Then the CM came out and looked at everyone in line and informed them there would be no walk ups, ADRs only. The people in front of me said they were waiting hoping for someone with a reservation not to show up. . I nodded and said "I have a reservation" and the CM took us inside.

Since it was raining they put this plastic covering over the open area - to keep the rain out. Well, a duck flew into it and kind of slid under it. He was now flapping around on the table where a couple was eating. . poor thing was trying to get out - but kept hitting the plastic. People ran over to try to help him. . in the end they got him out. . .but all my kids could think about was the duck poop that was now on that table, and how glad they were not to be sitting over there. They cleaned the table, and later sat someone else there - and my 9 year olds giggled about them being seated at the duck poop table.

I tried the Cottage Pie this year, and was tickled I was able to eat it. . and I enjoyed every darn bite of it too.

After lunch we headed out. We were on another mission. We caught the bus to AKL, but we got off at Kidani. Why? They were having a craft there today.

The Community Center at Kidani is really nice. Pool table, crafts, video games, foosball, etc. I took pics of the areas where there were no kids.

There were kids playing video games around the corner - so I didn't take any pics of that section.

Mickie picked a tshirt to make and Maddie a string backpack. The CM charged me and I said it was too low - as I'm not DVD (prices were on a board) she shushed me. :)  

They were very happy about the end product. Unlike Jambo, Kidani has crafts every day. So while it said tshirts on the schedule of events, they could have picked jewelry, or ceramics, or even made a picture frame.

We went back to Jambo and cleaned up. We then got ready for dinner - Jiko.

I ordered the African dip variety for us all to try. Makayla LOVED the hummus. The server was nice and kept bringing her more.

Maddie ordered the mac & cheese - but she didn't like it. She said it was too peppery. Makayla ordered the steak, it was small but she loved it. I got the maize crusted fish w/root vegetables and it was wonderful.

The girls both got the smores dessert. I thought I took a picture but do not see it in photobucket. It was very cute. Came with animal shaped graham crackers. I skipped dessert as I was too full.

After dinner we went back to our room and settled in. . .the girls were out fast. Tomorrow we are going to try to make rope drop at MK. . . .

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Wed, 04-03-2013 - 9:29pm

You really sound to be having a nice relaxing trip. I love days like this that have busier mornings with laid back nights. Are you guys not doing the DDP this trip? Do you miss it?


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Thu, 04-04-2013 - 5:36am

We had the dining plan.    We actually booked with a free dining promotion.

Most likely we will not use the dining plan when we go back to WDW as my DDs would be 10 next time around, so would cost the same as an adult.    I don't think we would come close to breaking even with them being that much more.


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Tue, 04-09-2013 - 11:17am
Another nice day, other than the rain! Oh, that poor duck!! LOL to the girls finding that so funny. The crafts look awesome! What a fun afternoon!

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Tue, 05-14-2013 - 4:28pm
another fun day!! HHHMM all the stuff you ate sounded so good. I want to try Rose and Crown some day. I think my new goal is to have eaten at ALL the table service restaurants in world showcase. Ok, better tell DH we have to book a trip! Love the shirt and bag. Really sounds fun... I need to think about doing a relaxing trip to WDW one of these days.

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