Chapter 9 - Time to conquer that Mountain

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Chapter 9 - Time to conquer that Mountain
Thu, 04-04-2013 - 9:46am

Okay, today is Wednesday and we scrapped our emh am plans for AK, along with our Tusker House ADRs. :( We got up early, went down to Mara and again picked up some muffins for breakfast - and went to the bus stop.

We got to MK early, and waited for rope drop. Our goal - BTMRR.

Maddie stated - loudly - I can't wait to get on Space Mountain. I looked at her funny and she winked and said "I'm throwing people off". LOL again, what a devious girl.

When the rope dropped, we made a bee line straight for BTMRR. I suggested stopping to see princesses, nope. . .. the Magic Carpets had no line, but nope. Heck, POTC was empty. . . nope. Straight to BTMRR. We truly walked, quickly, straight on.

When we got off it showed a 10 minute wait. I sent the girls on by themselves and grabbed fast passes, figuring it would start to get a line - and this way we would have another opportunity to ride. The FP was for 30 minutes away. Well that 10 minutes was way off, as I just sat down to wait for them and there they were. They asked if they could go again, and I said sure - and off they ran. This time they were gone for a while, but when they got off they said they had ridden it twice, as there wasn't a line so they didn't make them go off.  The FPs were still not ready. . .LOL. . .so off they went again. And again. How many times did they ride? Well, the 3 of us all rode together once. . .and then they rode 6 more times just the two of them! After that 6th ride, the FP kicked in so I went with them. . .still no real line, so we didn't even need the FPs.  So that makes BTMRR twice for me. . .but 8. . yes 8 times in a row for them. Since it was closed last year they were beyond excited to make up for the lost rides.  

After BTMRR we made our way over to the Haunted Mansion. The girls rode alone, and I sat behind them. I'm so tickled they weren't scared. I had read about the new que for this ride - however that part of the line was roped off, so I didn't get to see it. :(

After the Haunted Mansion we went over to Peter Pan (another ride we didn't get to do last year). The line was already 30 minutes - so I grabbed FP.

So how to pass the time. . .the usual. . .

We then went over to Philharmagic and watched it. After it was done we did a little shopping - bought John some dominos with Mickey Mouse heads. Then, it was time for Peter Pan. :)

After Peter Pan we started to head toward Tony's. I have to say when we hit Main Street we were awed by all the people coming in. . .it was like a damn broke. It was crazy.

We stopped to watch a little of the parade going by.

Before checking in at Tony's I stopped and got FP for the Princesses. The CM asked me if I wanted them for Mickey too, but we've seen him & Minnie already so I passed.

While at Tony's the Dapper Dan's came in and sang. They said that Tony's could not officially open until they did so.   They always sound so nice.

We had a nice lunch.

After lunch we had some time to kill before our FP for the princesses were good. So we hopped the train. We rode it around MK twice, then got off and entered Townsquare.

We saw. . .

And. . .

Not the best Cinderella I've ever seen. Although this trip the girls started to ask me how Mickey Mouse can be so many places (resteraunts, parks and cruise ships) they still have not mentioned the face characters not all looking alike.

Now. . for why this meeting needed to happen - Rapunzel!! Here is Maddie asking how her hair grew back (and golden).

Here is where Rapunzel explained. Because Eugene (a/k/a Flynn) cut her hair to save her life, it was out of love. So there was still some magic left in her hair. As she brushed it at night it started to grow and change colors again. However, it is still not as long as it was.

She was sweet. They even asked nicely if they could feel her hair - and she let them. They were so in awe of finally getting to meet her.

So, now we made our way out of MK. We caught a bus pretty quickly and made our way back to AKL. And then went straight to Simbas. Today they were having an African jewelry craft. We were again the only participants!

Both girls were making bracelets, but they were too long - since they didn't want to remove any beads the CM suggested anklets. That was a hit.



So after all this we went back to our room, dropped off things & changed clothes. Because now we had to head over to 1900 PF for dinner!

Oh the teddy bear lady we've read about.   

Maddie stood to the side so I could act like I was taking her pic.

This dinner was rather tame compared to usual. The Tremaines were quiet and reserved. At one point Maddie asked Anastacia why they were not screaming like usual - she told her that the king had told them they couldn't be that loud anymore.

Something that was funny was when Drizella came up to them she looked at their shirts and said "Hey, you two were here last year". And both girls agreed, smiling. And then she asked "Were you the ones that had a cake with me on it one time". They were so excited she remembered. . and I was stunned.

Anyhow we saw all the characters as usual.

So Maddie asked Drizella where Lucifer was. She told her he was running around somewhere. So Maddie started to tell her all about Bella and how much she missed her. Drizella told her to come back next year AND bring Bella. She would bring Lucifer and they could have a cat party. Maddie is so excited. I can't tell you how many times I've told her since we have been home that Drizella was being nice - and that we can not really take Bella there.

After dinner we went back to the resort and crashed. It was a long day, and tomorrow we get to do it all over again - as tomorrow is early emh at MK.

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Thu, 04-04-2013 - 10:25pm

OMG, I love that Drizella remembered the girls!!! That is a bit of Disney magic. :) 

Sounds like a great day, the girls certainly made up for lost time on BTMRR!


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Sat, 04-06-2013 - 1:45pm

What an awesome day!  I cannot believe the girls rode 8 times!  Just thinking about that gives me a headache LOL! 

I think it's great that your girls still believe in the magic.  Too funny about Rapunzel's hair!  So glad that she had such a great response; obviously, yours aren't the first to ask.

I have to ask - who is the teddy bear lady?  I haven't heard of her. 

Too funny about Drizella remembering the girls.  Of course that's where we ran into y'all almost 3 years ago, and I recognized them, so I'm not a bit surprised LOL!

I have an IV question.  Does this happen to everyone else - when I open one of your reports, instead of it putting me at the top of the page, I come in somewhere near the bottom.  Very aggravating!

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Sun, 04-07-2013 - 7:49am

I wondered if Drizella was remembering the graphics on their shirts.   Regardless, it made for a neat moment for the girls.   Still have to convince Maddie she can't take her cat to Disney World though.   I'm guessing by next year some of that belief in characters will fade. they do turn 10 this fall.

There is a woman that hangs out at the Grand Floridian.   She is an older woman, wears a lot of make up - and she carries a suitcase of teddy bears with her.   She will spread them (the bears) out on a couch and listen to the piano player and watch people go by.    I have read about her on disboards over the years, but this was the first time I had seen her.    From what I've read she and her husband use to visit Disney World often with their children.    When their children grew up  they would still come, and they would pass out teddy bears to children, just for the joy of seeing the children smile.    Her husband died, and now her family will drive her & her bears to the Grand Floridian so she can sit and remember.    It is both a sad & sweet story, so seeing her warmed my heart some. .   

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Tue, 04-09-2013 - 11:26am
Wow - 8 times on BTMRR - that's a LOT! (I get so dizzy on rides like that now!) What a nice day. And that is awesome that Drizella remembered the girls! M'Shel, that happens to me, too - it always opens down by someone's replies, rather than at the top of the post!