Day 6 - Transition Day

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Day 6 - Transition Day
Sun, 04-06-2014 - 5:32pm

Day 6 - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chapter 9. Sad Goodbyes, and a Sick Boy?

We still didn't sleep in as long as I was hoping, around 7am I think. Owen was the last to wake up, and I knew right away that we had a problem. He was extremely fussy, and I was pretty sure he had a fever. I gave him some Tylenol, glad I spent $18 on it at the airport after all.

We were planning to go down to the Mara for breakfast, but walked past Boma on the way and thought about doing that instead. But with Owen not feeling well, we stuck to our original plan. Until we got there, and the line to order hot food was backed up almost to the door! Back to Boma it was, since they weren't busy at all. I was secretly a little glad, since I LOVE their breakfast.

Owen perked up a little, and even ended up eating a decent meal for once. Maybe he just needed some food, since he hadn't eaten hardly anything yesterday. Breakfast was good, and I'm glad we got to eat here one more time.

After breakfast, we had a frustrating problem to solve. Brian was flying home today, and supposed to be taking ME back to the airport. But we hadn't gotten any paperwork with his bus assignment. It ended up taking almost 45 minutes to sort it out at the front desk.

Turns out that United had changed his flight number at some point, so ME couldn't figure out when his flight was leaving, and hadn't put him on a bus yet. Fail on United for not notifying him of the change, and fail on ME for not contacting us to sort it out ahead of time. Oh well. The kids had been surprisingly patient hanging out in the lobby while we got passed from one desk and CM to another.

By the time we got back to the room, Owen was seeming totally fine and I hoped that the morning sickies had just been a fluke. We watched animals from the balcony for a few minutes (definitely going to have to pay for the upgrade next time, lol!) then got changed to go swimming. It was actually quite cool this morning, so we were mostly planning to hit the hot tub.

Owen likes the hot tub, but mostly treats it like a pool, constantly wanting to jump, swim and splash! Fortunately for most of the time we had it all to ourselves. Even though it was cool, the sun was out and it was a beautiful day. Still love the atmosphere at the pool here, a lot more than at YC/BC.

Eventually, Brian and Lily wanted to go to the pool. I thought it was too cold, and so did Owen after trying to get in. We watched the two of them race a couple of times, Lily easily beating her dad each time. He's actually a pretty fast swimmer, but after two years on a competitive swim team, he can't keep up with her anymore. She definitely drew the attention of a few of the lifeguards, who watched in disbelief as she tore across the pool.

So Owen came back to the room with me while they swam, and I set about the task of packing. It shouldn't have been hard, since we had only been in this room for two nights and I hadn't really "unpacked" at all, but somehow everything was still a mess. Plus I had to make sure that all of Brian's stuff was kept separate so that it could go home with him. I had managed to get us an extra hour until check out, and we needed every minute of it!

By the time they got back from the pool and dressed, we had to head down for Brian to catch his bus. He was very sad to be leaving. Not sad to be missing the part with my parents, but sad to be leaving us and Disney. This is the first time that he's come on one of our mini-trips, and I think he had fallen into the mode of full-week vacation, only to have it cut short. It didn't help that Owen was in a sour mood again, and giving Brian a hard time at every turn. We had a few minutes to spare, so we took a short walk outside to look for animals on the Savannah. We found some giraffes and a few others, I think.

We waited outside with him until the ME bus came. They hadn't been able to print anything for him earlier that morning, but wrote down a confirmation number and said that would be enough. It wasn't, at least not according to the bus driver, who was extremely annoyed with us for not "being prepared". I was quite irritated at how rude he was being! It hadn't been our fault that everything was messed up. He finally let Brian on, but only after lecturing us on "how to do it right next time". Whatever, shake it off, I thought.

We waved to him as the bus pulled away, until it disappeared around the corner. So, the first part of our trip was over. I knew it was going to be a tough transition, from Disney vacation to parental visit (with some Disney thrown in). I tried not to let myself get too sad as we headed back into AKL on our own, but I was admittedly fighting back tears.

Chapter 10. Grandparents arrive, and a Sick Boy.

My parents were on their way, in fact would be there in just a few minutes. I had originally planned to meet then at AoA, but since the timing worked out, I texted them to just come get us at AKL. That way we could bring our luggage instead of having it transferred. We shopped in Zawadi's until they got there. All the necessary grandparent hugs were had, and before long we were loaded up into their truck, leaving AKL for good.

We checked in at AoA. Unfortunately, my one request had been "close to parking" since my mom doesn't handle walking very well, but they didn't have any close rooms ready right now, and with Owen starting to act sick again, I agreed to a room in the farther of the two Lion King buildings that we could have right away.

I thought the check in here was awkward. They were trying to pull off the same thing as at AKL by having us wait on a bench and bring our packet out, but unlike the lobby at AKL, there wasn't a lot of seating or room, so we were just kind of standing out in the middle of the walkway talking to the CM, with people bumping into us and even cutting between us the whole time. Honestly I would have rather just been up at the counter, not sure why they seemed hesitant to use it.

The lobby was fun and colorful, but I had a feeling already that I had set this place up for failure by coming directly from AKL. It wasn't going to compare. We finally got all of our stuff to our room after a couple of trips. And thankfully, Racoon magically “reappeared”, thanks to a quick stop my parents made at Bass Pro on their way. He had asked about him a couple of times, but fortunately always when we weren’t in the room, so I just suggested he was probably there. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?? Although I’ll admit that I was having some unsettling Lotso images going through my head.

The Lion King stuff was cute, and while the resort didn't do a lot for me, I'm glad we got to see it once. I just wish Owen had been more up for enjoying it, because he would have liked it the most.

Speaking of Owen, he had taken a downhill turn again, and I started to wonder if we had a real issue on our hands. I was hoping food would help, like it did this morning,  so we headed to Landscape of Flavors for a late lunch.

I had read a lot of bad reviews of the place, mostly due to the layout and service. Sadly, I had to agree. It was downright awkward to get around, and it took forever to get food anywhere! The CMs seemed totally unorganized, like they didn't even know what to do most of the time. Plus the dining area was under some construction, making it very difficult to navigate. But we got our food eventually, though I couldn't get Owen to eat much.

After lunch I took the kids over to the Nemo playground, they weren't that crazy about it though. Owen was having some "potty issues" at the time, which didn't help. (Flashback to evening in Epcot, but couldn't ever get a breakthrough potty trip this time) so we wandered back to the room. Which, by the way, was cute. Lots of brightly colored Lion King stuff, and while it still felt cramped with my parents there, I could see the appeal of the extra sleeping area if it were just the 4 of us.

The kids played in the room and visited with their grandparents for maybe an hour or more, then we headed back to Animation Hall. Lily wanted to do the drawing class at 5pm. We ended up being the only ones there. The artist doing the class seemed a little shy, like he wasn't totally comfortable with talking in front of a group, but still did a decent job of guiding Lily through drawing a pretty good Donald Duck. Owen made one too, with some help from me.

While they were drawing, I used my phone to explore our options for urgent medical care. Owen was going downhill by the minute, even the last dose of Tylenol hadn't totally brought his temp down. He still felt warm, and was now complaining that his throat hurt. He's already had strep throat three times in the last year. Sigh.

After finding a clinic not too far away, that had appointment available that evening, I started second guessing myself. Maybe we should just wait and see, had we been at home that's probably what I would have done. But Lily and I were planning to take off to DHS early in the morning and leave Owen with my parents. We couldn't do that if he woke up extremely sick. And if it was strep, I knew he would.

I also knew I had to make a decision. I watched him hard for a couple of minutes. Then I closed my eyes for about 10 seconds, and I knew. I had known when he woke up that morning, maybe I had even known the first time he complained about his throat in the way to the space center. I just hadn’t wanted to admit it. He was sick. And there was no point in putting off getting him help.

So I made the appointment, and told my dad. I had been worried he would think I was overreacting, but to my relief he agreed that he needed to be seen. We didn't need to leave for his appointment quite yet, so we wandered around in the gift shop. I bought Owen a plastic shovel, and told Lily she could pick something out while we were gone, and charge it to the room. (Not surprisingly, she had no interest in going to the Dr with us)

We found the clinic, it was about 15 minutes away. We had a very long wait after we checked in though, and Owen fell asleep in my dad's lap. At least he was getting some rest. This really wasn't so bad. Lily stayed in touch by texting me (my mom had stayed back as well), and she seemed to be doing just fine. It gave my dad and me a chance to chat and catch up. At least we were taking care of this on a night when we hadn't made any other plans.

Once we were finally brought back, it didn't take the Dr any time at all to diagnose him. Strep throat. Sigh, sigh, sigh. Not like it was any surprise. His Dr at home was surely going to be after his tonsils now. He gave us a script for some antibiotics and we were on our way. Unfortunately, it took a painfully long time to get the script filled at Walgreens (there was only one person working in the pharmacy, and there was a constant stream of customers) We we finally headed back to the resort around 8:30pm, having been gone nearly 3 hours.

We ate a quick dinner at LoF, which would not have been my choice, but given the hour and Owen's state, nothing else seemed practical. He wouldn’t eat, and spent most of the meal on my shoulder. We got him settled into bed, hoping to goodness that the first dose of antibiotics would be enough to make him babysit-able by morning. Because Lily and I had an author to meet at DHS!

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Tue, 04-08-2014 - 11:08am

Awww, poor Owen.  :(    It is tough being sick, but being sick at WDW really tough.

I have to agree, I think most resorts would be a bit of a let down after leaving AKL.  



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Tue, 04-08-2014 - 8:14pm

Poor Owen and you too! It stinks to be sick or care for the sickies on vacation. :(

Love the story of Lily and your husband racing across the pool! So sweet that they do that. And I can see being let down at AoA after AKL. While we had a phenomenal check in experience there the rest of our stay was just okay.   It's probably good you had the extra space though with Owen having Strep!!! 


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Mon, 04-21-2014 - 8:47am

Poor baby!  Meredith was always prone to strep, too, and got it once while we were at Disney.  Luckily, I called her pediatrician and he called her in a prescription so we didn't have to go anywhere.  It was great because it was my least favorite doc in the practice who I thought would give me a hard time, but he said "you're on vacation" and simply called it in!  She came very close to getting her tonsils out but fortunately we never had to do that.  Her doc said if she got strep 4 (maybe 5?) times within a year she would need to, but she always came up one short.  Then she kind of grew out of out Smile

Looking forward to the rest of your trip report!

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Mon, 04-28-2014 - 2:09pm
He is actually recovering right now from getting his tonsils out. That case of step was the last straw for his Dr, especially since he has had pretty bad sleep apnea for a while too. It's been a little rough, but I'm hopeful at least that no more vacations will get strep-ified. I'm just glad it didn't happen until a little later in the trip when our major park days were behind us.

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Mon, 05-26-2014 - 8:46am
Oh Jaime, that sounds stressful--Owen being sick on the day Brian left. You handled it so well. I would have been a basket case! Love the pic of the kids with Brian in the hot tub. socute!

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