Day 8 - Headed Home

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Day 8 - Headed Home
Sun, 12-29-2013 - 2:13pm

Okay, I'm getting sad just typing this, lol!!!  I have to thank you guys for reading this because I really do enjoy typing up the trip report when we get home... It somehow extends our vacation for me!

Our original plan had been to fly out at night today but when Delta changed to only one non-stop flight Boston-Orlando and Orlando-Boston p/day we switched to an 11:30 am flight.  This meant there wasn't time for much on the final day but to pack up and head out...  I had packed us up the night before so all that was left was to shower and put toiletries into the suitcases...  We needed to check our luggage with bell services at 8:30 to ensure it would be on our plane and return our stroller to them as well so we headed out of the room at 8:00 to do that.  No issues and no lines even!!!  The last few trips we've encountered decent lines when checked our suitcases in so that was nice.

We had a few dining plan credits left (2 snacks and 1 quick service) so we headed down to The Mara for breakfast.  A bagel for me, danish for Saulo, and the kiddos split a kids waffle meal.  We ate outside in the dining area for one last time.  I think we ate all our meals outside this trip.  The weather was just perfect for doing so!!!!  Not too hot, not too cold...  Although this morning was quite a bit chillier...While we were there the news said temps were about 10 degrees above normal (mid 80's) and they were returning to nomal today as we headed home.

After breakfast we took one last walk over the bridge in the lobby as a family at the kids request.  It really is a beautiful resort!!!

And that was it. :(  We drove away, with me tearing up, filled the minivan up with gas and headed to MCO.  We returned the car with no issues and were expedited through security for some reason (no idea why.)  My kids love this airport and we took a dozen or so pictures, lol.

The flight home was quick because of a strong tail wind and we wound up back in Boston about 30 minutes ahead of schedule!  My mom met us there with our car and we drove her home, and then ourselves home as well, only stopping to pick up a pizza on the way as it was snowing pretty hard.  We were lucky to get home because later in the day MANY flights were delayed and cancelled.  I guess luck was on our side.

This was truly our best vacation ever.  There were very few (if any) meltdowns and everything just was perfect.  I think I managed to find the right balance betweeen letting them relax and giving me something to do as well.  Plus, I think the deluxe resort made a huge differance!!! It was nice to have a lobby to stroll around when someone needed to nap and the whole place was just so much more relaxing than our trip the previous year at AoA.

Not sure when we'll be back... DH wants to try a Disney Cruise next so we're planning on that and then hopefully a return trip to WDW.  DH is leaving his job in a few months and setting out on his own in the company we started a few years back.  As long as everything goes as well as we hope it will, we'll be back in WDW in two years, but if things are tougher than we imagine they will be it may be a few years away still.  So, thank you for reading!!!!  I've loved writing!

Favorites from the Trip:

Saulo:  Seeing the kids happy

Me: Christmas decorations - I don't need to go back at Christmastime but would in a heartbeat if the opportunity came up.  There were so many things we didn't get to do because of time and the kids ages... Someday I hope to go back to Epcot and see the Candlelight Processional, that's the only thing I feel like we missed this trip

Gabi:  The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, Test Track, and Winnie the Pooh

Anthony:  Winnie the Pooh, Test Track, and the Speedway

What would we do differently - Hmmmmmm, not sure if there is anything I would have done differently this time around.  We were very lucky to travel with Magic Bands and FP+ reservations but also to receive KTTW cards because there was little to no waiting for our entire trip.  Also, I actually preferred not having Park Hoppers! That probably sounds crazy but last trip when we stayed at AoA and had PH passes the whole thing was very busy...  This trip it wasn't... I think my family prefers one park p/day.

That's all folks!!!!  Happy New Year and a wonderful 2014 to all of you!!!!


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Mon, 12-30-2013 - 2:19pm

I'm sorry your report has come to an end.   Thank you for sharing!!  

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Sun, 01-05-2014 - 8:42pm

Oh bummer, trip over, and coming home to snow!

Hope everything goes well with Saulo's new company, sounds both scary and exciting! I've tried to get DH "on board" with a Disney Cruise, but no luck so far :( He did one time, a few months ago, mention that maybe a short cruise wouldn't be so bad... but that he wouldn't necessarily want to do a Disney cruise. I was like, what's the point of doing a cruise if it isn't Disney?? Lol!

I really want to see WDW at Christmas time too. For some reason, it only recently started appealing to me. I kind of felt like they were two really different things that I couldn't imagine mixing, like having Mickey Mouse play with Elmo. But after seeing so many pictures on my FB feed this year, I have the bug. We'll have to visit my family in FL this year for Christmas... wonder if I could talk everyone into a quick side trip on the way. 

Sad your report is over but glad you had such a good trip!

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Tue, 01-21-2014 - 4:53pm

I really enjoyed reading your report!  I wish I had all of my stuff with me (it's on my dining room table still LOL!) because I would start writing right now since I have about an hour to kill. 

It sounds like such a NICE trip Smile  I wish we had used our KTTW cards to get paper FP when we were there in Oct., but I kept forgetting to take them with us to the parks.  I agree that with the changes they have made to the FP+ system and not being able to ride but one of the E-ticket rides, it's not so great.  I, too, had problems using Meredith's iPad to change our FP+ selections.  I was able to use my smartphone, though, but I really didn't like using it.  Who prefers a little, bitty screen compared to an iPad screen?

Oh, and strangely, I wasn't able to see your pictures today.  I could on the reports I read from home, but I'm at the hospital now, and maybe their wi-fi is blocking them.  Weird.  I'll check when I get home and see if they show up there.

Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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Sat, 02-22-2014 - 10:57pm
Melissa, thank you for sharing this report with us. I know how difficult it is for me to sit down and finish a report and it was truly a pleasure to read yours and enjoy your beautiful family's pictures! I wish your DH the best of luck in his new business and hope that your Disney plans work out just the way you want them too!! Happy (very belated!) New Year!

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Fri, 04-04-2014 - 5:02pm
I haven't been on here in so long! I just read through your whole trip report. Sorry for not taking the time for individual comments - I needed to keep reading! :) Sounds like a really wonderful trip! Your kids have gotten so big! I love the trips with no melt-downs - seriously, it's like the best quality in a trip. CRT looks amazing - we may have to try there one day. And yay for the upgraded room with a Savannah view!!! Thanks for sharing your whole trip - I enjoyed reading it!