Disney Dream Surprise Trip arrival and Day 1

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Disney Dream Surprise Trip arrival and Day 1
Sun, 03-03-2013 - 9:30pm

October 27
We thought the wisest thing to do was to fly the day before---we didnt want to miss our cruise!  The big reveal had been the night before our flight. DD seemed happy but not super excited/shocked as I thought she would be.

Hurricane Sandy had just left the florida area and our flight was on time.  We arrived on time, got our bags and headed to the Hyatt airport. Very convenient. Our room was FAR from the elevators but didnt matter. It was nice and clean.  Our little balcony looked over the atrium --we watched the long lines for security.... We gave DD her homework that her teachers had been nice enough to put together since she was going to miss a whole week of school (ha)  and I went to explore the stores and look for flip flops for DH since he didnt have any and pick up water bottles.  The flip flops were so expensive about $30 ( i usually get 2 for 5 at old navy!).   Finally there was a store Del Sol that had cheaper flip flops that changed in the sunlight. The store was cool. I told the people I would show the to my husband. I went to the room and before dinner I took DD and DH to that store, we bought the flip flops and had a nicerelaxing dinner at McCoys-the hyatt restaurant.
We turned in early--all excited for our adventure to come!

Happy Birthday! It was DH's birthday.  We got up and I went out to find breakfast... Starbucks had a huge line so I went to McDonalds for egg mcmuffinsand coffee.  We ate and finished packing and left. The nice thing about DCL and hyatt is you can leave you luggage IN your room and they will take it for you and you wont see it until it magically gets placed into your cabin! So we headed to check in . I think we were one of the first families there.  There was a separate line for concierge.  We went there and the man was very nice but said concierge guests have to be checked in at the port!! Ugh.  But he asked us if we wanted to be on the first bus  out. Uh, YES!  So he gave us our pass for the bus (chip and dale). We had a LONG wait til the bus.  I went and bought water bottles.  Finallly we were onthe bus!!  They played a video and then there was disney trivia and stuff so we were entertained. And finally--- we saw the port!!  There were a few ships there but I saw the dream!! I was so so excited! (more than DD!). 
We got off, got our carry ons, and went through security.  We were directed to the concierge check in and checked in.  They had trouble printing the cards so it took a while.  They gave us an "invitation" to a welcome reception at the concierge lounge.  Then we were directed to a small lounge area.  We were able to see the ship while we waited and took pics..  I think finally at 11:30 we boarded.  When we were asked for our name-I said Princess Cordelia.  So we were welcomed as Princess Cordelia's family.  As soon as we have our picture taken, someone welcomed Cordelia and told us she would show us to where we had to go.  So we started walking through the gorgeous ship!! I took a pic of C in front of the theatre and then she announced she had to go potty!!! 

So we were directed to the bathroom and told to take the elevators to 12.  We checked into the lounge and were told to help ourselves to snacks. I had coffee and a couple little sandwiches while we waited.  Someone from the kids club came. She registered C and gave her a band.  It was nice that we did not have to go.  A spa person camearound.  we got rainforest room passes for the day at Nassau.  She also gave us tickets for the raffle!!  Then finally one of the conciergehosts came by. Andreeia from Brazil. She was nice.  She went over our itinerary and told us the lounge hours etc. She told us the coffee maker has the best coffee!! Finally, we were doneand decided to get a proper lunch at Cabanas.  We headed there (with our onecarry on) and had lunch.  When C was looking at the food options, a CM came to her took a plate and started taking her around asking what she wanted.   Then he took us to our seats and asked what we wanted to drink and brought it for us! A nice welcoming touch.

After lunch we decided that we wanted to change so we could ride the aquaduck. Supposedly concierge rooms are ready early and it was 12:30 so we decided to head to the lounge to find out.  We got there and our room was ready!!!  yay!! We went in and I ran around taking pictures! It was so nice! Loved how the toilet is separate from the shower...

We changed into our bathing suits and headed to the aquaduck!! I took a pic of C on the balcony first.

DD was measured for the ride--tall enough to ride but with a grown up. 

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