5 days with 2 year old

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5 days with 2 year old
Sun, 01-24-2010 - 4:42pm

We will be buying a 5-6 day park pass. How do you suggest we schedule our days? We will NOT be buying the park hopper. I was thinking 2 days at MK, 1 day at Animal Kingdom and 2 days at Epcot and maybe just one afternoon at Hollywood (and relax at the hotel that morning)? I don't know if 2 days is too long at Epcot for my 2 year old? What suggestions do you have? Thanks so much!

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Sun, 01-24-2010 - 9:43pm
I think that sounds perfect!!! When we were there in September we spent more than two days in Epcot and Gabi did great!


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Mon, 01-25-2010 - 4:26am

that sounds good!

My DD always would take a nap in her stroller so we would be able to walk around the parks (we often do that at epcot!). Are you planning on any character meals? Your little one may enjoy it. If you do lunch, its a nice break in the day.

enjoy your trip!


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