Another dining question

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Another dining question
Thu, 08-09-2012 - 6:18pm

This will be my kids' and DH's first time at Disney. I booked Crystal Palace for our first day, but now am thinking that maybe one of the shows at Fort Wilderness would be more fun. What would more experienced Disney goers do? Kids are 2-6. We will be spending the day at Magic Kingdom. Better to stay in the park for a meal at Crystal Palace for sake of time and simplicity? Or try to check out one of the dinner shows?


ETA: I am so sorry. For some reason, my computer is slow to scroll down, so I hit it repeatedly, then when it does, it jumps. I repeatedly skipped over the entire dining section and ended up right at Beyond Disney so not only did I miss out on the good information there, but I posted my dining questions in the wrong section.

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Fri, 08-10-2012 - 9:14am
Honestly I think Crystal Palace would be more appealing for your children based on their age. Of course I have not taken children yet so perhaps someone else can add their experience.


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Mon, 08-13-2012 - 1:09pm
I'd pick Crystal Palace or Chef Mickey's or something like that, too. I think the kids will enjoy the simplicity of meeting the characters. (First meal we took our kids to was Crystal Palace at ages 1.5 and 3.5.)

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Wed, 08-15-2012 - 10:42pm

Thanks, everybody! While on the phone with a cast member changing reservations for the tenth time, he looked and said they had an early (right at park opening) Crystal Palace reservation. The idea of my DH and three kids seeing Cinderella's Castle and Main Street for the first time without the crowds appealed to me, so I took it. Then I had second thoughts about using a table service credit for breakfast (I'm doing it twice, CP and Tusker House). Your responses all helped me decide that I will stick with the Crystal Palace reservation and forget about the Backyard BBQ or Hoop-de-doo review show.


Does anyone know if it is possible to have one member of the party go grab fast passes if the park is opening 5 minutes before our reservation?



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Sun, 08-26-2012 - 3:04pm
Looks like you made your decision so I just wanted to give you another thumbs up for Crystal Palace.

We actually have enjoyed Mickey's Backyard BBQ a few times - it's a lot of fun for the kids (and for adults if you like country music/dancing); lots of characters and a show too BUT:

it would either cost you 2 TS credits on the Dining Plan or you would have to pay for it out of pocket;
while it's fairly easy to get to, it's far easier to get to the Crystal Palace while you're in the MK anyway.
I always enjoy meeting characters while we're seated at a table having a meal - a lot easier with little ones! While you can meet and even dance with Mickey and the gang at the BBQ, it's in a crowd on the dance floor.

So I think your early morning ADR at CP should be perfect! Nice to get into the park early before it opens so that you're ready to play in the park when you're finished eating before the crowds get there! Nice photo ops on an empty Main Street too :smileyhappy:

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