Back to say HI and ask about a mid visit hotel switch

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Back to say HI and ask about a mid visit hotel switch
Sat, 03-19-2011 - 6:40pm

Dropping in to tap into the great advice here. As DVC members, we're headed back to WDW for spring break. We'll be at the Beach blub for 2 days then switch to Saratoga Springs. I guess we'll have to pack up all food and clothing by a certain time then can expect everyting to be in the new place after another set time? Sounds easy enough but makes me nervous...We are very excited to be at the Beach Club to enjoy 2 days no parks, no plans, just sun and cold drinks.

Any advice on staying at Saratoga? It seems pretty far away from the parks and the busses are a bit slow....we won't have a car. Can't wait!!!

also, any way I can change my nickname? No way is my Emily a princess anymore - no pink, no frills!

thanks Everyone!


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IIRC you should have everything packed up and in a central location together by regular check out time (11am)

Enjoy the days w/o plans!