Bringing food/snack into park??

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Bringing food/snack into park??
Mon, 03-22-2010 - 7:51am
We are planning on our first trip to Disney was wondering if I can take our own filled water bottles and sm snacks (ie granola bars
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Mon, 03-22-2010 - 8:12am

Yes you can bring in small snacks.

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Tue, 03-30-2010 - 12:11am
We bring in one refillable water bottle per person (refill with free ice from CS) and baggies of trail mix, beef jerky, etc as "meal replacements" (as we would do on hiking/biking trips). We never take CS seating though, just eat while we wait in lines, or sitting at an outdoor show. We don't go to Disney for the food, so this is the easiest most reasonable way to keep fueled. (And we do make a few ADRs for character meals that are more about the experience than about the food!)