Can I get some opinions on the All-Star

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Can I get some opinions on the All-Star
Mon, 09-08-2003 - 11:18am
Resorts? Has anyone ever stayed there? Did you kids just love them or was it really no big deal? We were originally planning on staying off-site to save money but I found I can get rooms at one of the All-Stars for $88/night (anyone know of an even better deal?). So for just a little extra per night, we could stay in one of the Disney resorts. Opinions? What are the perks of staying in a Disney resort?

And does anyone know if the pools are "swimmable" (IOW, warm enough, still open, etc) in early October?

TIA as always!


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Mon, 09-08-2003 - 11:29am
We have always enjoyed the All Stars! My DD and I first stayed at All Star Music 2 years ago and that was our first time staying onsite, we loved it! The hotel was nice and clean and the food courts have a lot of variety which is good with picky eaters! Also, a lot of the things in the food court are freshly made, not just stuff sitting under a heat lamp!

We stayed at All Star Movies last year and this year and both my kids adored it! The big icons are such great picture opportunities and my DS is a HUGE fan of Toy Story, so he especially like Woody and Buzz and the green army men!

We have been in October and November and swam both times, I would say for the most part the weather should be warm enough to swim, but then it could be unpredictable too and maybe not! But take your swimsuits just to be sure!

I highly recommend staying onsite for the free parking at the parks, the charging privileges (you can charge stuff on your room key), early entry, early entry, early entry and also b/c you can get purchases sent to your room! Oh did I mention early entry lol? It has worked out so well for us in the past b/c my kids wake up early anyway, and we can hit the parks one hour early and have a lot of our favorite rides done before the park opens to the general public!

The All Stars are fine if you don't expect luxurious accommodations. They do not have hot tubs or any recreational activities (like boat rides and such) besides their pools... they do have playgrounds. The rooms are on the small side but we have always had good mousekeeping.

Good luck with whatever you decide!



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Mon, 09-08-2003 - 11:42am
Oooo great response! The place I found the $88 per night was under the link at the bottom of the board....the "sponsor links". It was the link that says Disney reservations or something like that. Has anyone ever used this site? I am guessing it must be legit if it has Disney resort rooms to offer. Another question, do you think I'd get a better rate calling the Disney number and making the reservation thru them? We are FL residents so I am wondering if we can get an even better rate? Thanks again for all the helpful posts!


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Mon, 09-08-2003 - 11:53am
Check out for deals and discounts, there may be FL resident discounts there.

I have usually found that booking room and park tickets separately was cheaper than booking packages. My motto is always "look, but don't book" online lol. Packages are *sometimes* a better deal, you just need to run the numbers for your particular situation.



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Mon, 09-08-2003 - 12:40pm
Missy, you may be able to get the FL resident discount rate of $49. Particularly if you are FLEXIBLE on your dates that you need. We have stayed at the AS music and also the AS movies. We enjoyed both and preferred the Music over the Movies although they are about the same. The Sports is supposed to be fun, too, but my kids aren't really into the sports thing, so we went with the other theming.

I would probably call Disney direct to CRO and talk to them. Tell thm how many nights you want to stay...what your range is for your dates, and if you don't mind chaging rooms and even resorts to get a lower rate, let them know that. for example, if you were staying 6 nights, they might put you one place for 3 night and then move you elsewhere for 3 nights to keep the rate low. CRO is 1-407-939-7769. Let us know what you find out!!

Room-wise, it's about like a standard motel room...with the disney theming. They do have plenty of drawer space, so that is nice. There isn't a coffee pot or anything like that, but with the refillable mugs from the food court that isn't a big issue.

The food court is nice and there is something there for every taste. It's a little higher than buying food at someplace like Cordova, but it's not terribly expensive. AND with your daughter young, she may just be able to have a fruit or muffin and snack off of your plate. There's a big screen TV in the very very back of the food court that shows movies or Disney shows all the time.

In the lobby there is also a TV set up with a theater like atmosphere for kids to watch Disney movies. My kids used to love getting a bag of microwave pop corn and a soda and sitting in the lobby watching movies. Go figure. It's not like we don't have them all at home!!lol.

There is a play ground at each and you can go to the playground at any of them. They are all a bit different.

The bus service at all 3 is fine. Some of the time the bus runs to just one resort, and sometimes it hits all 3. If it picks up at all 3, then if you are at Movies, sometimes you have to stand. With a young child there is often someone who will give up their seat, but not always. I was there when I was almost 9 months pregnant and stood on the buses more on that trip than any other. You just never know.

As far as swimming, most likely that won't be a problem. Most years we are able to swim in DEcember and the pools are heated. There is also a nice wading pool for the kids, but this is a little on the deep side, too, so you need to plan for an adult to always be in the water.

There are laundry facilities right by the pool. Take your quarters and soap there is expensive.

I can't think of anything else...just that there were plenty of little bunnies hopping around all over the place and we enjoyed them as well!!



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Mon, 09-08-2003 - 1:59pm
I'll second pretty much what everyone said. Buses, early entry, theming - particularly at movies make it worthwhile to stay there. We swam last year in Dec. The water was fine, the air was a bit cool - it just depends, if today's too cool tomorrow might be fine.

I got a AAA rate of $84.15 from WDW in Oct.


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Mon, 09-08-2003 - 5:06pm
Missy - We stayed at the All Star Sports this summer and enjoyed it, although we will try the Contemporary next time.

The pluses for AS hotels:


buses are great

theming is fun

pools are clean, deck/chairs scrubbed daily

good mousekeeping

cafeteria great for kids

The drawbacks:

thin walls (this is the reason I will pay more next time)

small rooms

more crowded buses (at least it looked that way!)

If your kids are young and money is a concern, go with the All-Star. You will have a blast, and remember - most of the time you aren't even in the room.

Hope this helps.

Oh, and I do want to echo the other poster who mentioned There is a lot of great information on that site!

Have a magical time!


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Thu, 09-11-2003 - 12:03am
If you found a cheap room, you better go ahead and book it. When we called last week to try to get a cheaper rate than we currently have for 5 days in october, we were told all the rooms were full, and there were none available at a florida resident rate, or at an annual passholder rate. the guy said it was very unusual, but the resorts were pretty much booked up for october.

I've also stayed at the allstars movies........ small rooms, but adequate....... we dont anticipate doing much besides sleeping in the rooms anyway, so it doesnt matter to us. I'd much rather spend the extra money in the park as on the room.

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Thu, 09-11-2003 - 12:40pm
I'm glad to see this discussion because we're planning a trip next fall, and right now we're trying to decide between staying at the AKL or getting adjoining rooms at an All-Star. Our DDs will be 7 and 8, and we thought that getting adjoining rooms would be great--twice the space, two bathrooms, and a door to close between us after they're asleep--all for less than the price of one room at AKL.


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Thu, 09-11-2003 - 9:24pm
I went to DW with my parents and my sister a few summers ago when I was 17. We stayed in the All-Star sports hotel. It was really cool. Huge video arcade and pool. A very large eating area with everything you could think to eat (and not badly priced either). We chose to stay at the music hotel because of price and the fact that my dad didn't really want to go to Disney but we talked him into it and us girls picked the sports hotel for him. If you have kids I would say to go to one of the All-star hotels because there are so many things to do there for all ages. Some of the other fancier hotels in disney seem a lot more geared for adults. If your kids are very young you might try the music hotel rather than the sports hotel because they probably aren't real familiar with a lot of sports figures like they are with music. In the sports hotel the walls were lined with picturs of Mickey and other disney characters with sports figures like Micheal Jordan, Mickey Mantle, Joe Namath and many, many others. I don't know if the music hotel is like this or not, but I'm sure it's just as good.