dinner in epcot? not too exotic...

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dinner in epcot? not too exotic...
Wed, 09-03-2003 - 11:03am
Some folks here at work have strongly suggested (gee I said Disney and flocks of people came to my cube to offer suggestions!) that we don't miss Illuminations.

Since I really don't like winging dinners, any suggestions for dinner in Epcot? I'd rather a PS, but any recommmendations for pretty basic food (or really exotic ones where we can bring in something that the kids will eat!) would be great!

Maybe there's even a place we can eat then stay for Illumiations? I figure I'll ask for the 'World', and maybe get it!!

happy planning! (I know I am!!)


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Wed, 09-03-2003 - 11:48am
Betsy, when we were there in August our friends that were with us raved about the Norweigan buffet restaurant, I'm sorry I don't remember the name but I"m sure someone here does. They enjoyed it so much they made a special trip back to eat there again before we left!!


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Wed, 09-03-2003 - 12:50pm

There are a lot of good food places at EPCOT, the American Pavillion has your standard hot dogs, chicken fingers etc.for the kids, the Land has a food court with a wide variety of food. We like the Rose and Crown (shepherds pie is awesome)for a nice sit down restaurant they do take PS. I'm sure all the restaurants have a kids menu. Check out Deb's website wdwig.com for a list of the menu's for all the restaurant's in Epcot. Don't miss Illuminations it was wonderful.


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Wed, 09-03-2003 - 1:21pm
Betsy we had luck doing dinner at the Cantina de San Angelo and sitting/staying at a table around the back by the lagoon for Illuminations. I hear a lot of people make reservations for Rose and Crown right before Illuminations and ask for the patio. Those are the only restaurants that I know have seating *on* the lagoon.
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Wed, 09-03-2003 - 3:24pm
Morocco has great restaurants that offer kid friendly options and it's never really crowded because people seem to be afraid of Moroccan food. I've eaten at the both the sit down (which has cool belly dancer entertainment, and the kids get up and dance too) and the counter service place, Tangerine. Both are great. Check out the menus on WDWIG.
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Wed, 09-03-2003 - 9:15pm
My favorite at Epcot is the Sunshine Season Food Fair in the Land, great variety, but it's counter-service/food court, so no PS's. Aly's favorite is Mickey-roni & cheese. There is the Garden Grill upstairs in the Land that is a PS restaurant with Mickey & Chip & Dale. And then of course, Epcot is known for their great variety of restaurants, particularly in the countries.

I wanted to add that you can bring something in for the kids anyway! But be sure to read the descriptions on the menues on WDWIG, as there will probably be something they like at any restaurant, anyway.



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Wed, 09-03-2003 - 10:00pm
Betsy, we try different things all the time. For us, we love the San Angel inn in Mexico, and Le Cellier in Canada. Hubby is a steak eater and loves the steaks at both of those. We ate in France a couple years ago at the main restaurant and although the food was good, we were certainly in the middle of the traffic pattern to and from the kitchen, and the waiters weren't quite as child-friendly as we have found elsewhere.

I keep hearing good things about Morocco and hope to try Tangerine this year. For our main sitdown meal in Epcot we will eat at the one in Italy...can't remember the full name...I only use short cut descriptive names with my hubby...let's him know more about it..but it's the Alfredo's. I've heard good things about that one and we haven't tried it yet. Oh, yeah, and it was the ONLY sit down available for our Candlelight Processional Dinner package, but gee, didn't I already say that.... :-)

We also loved being able to snack our way through the world with the food and wine festival. Aren't you there during that time?? My daughter says to try the cheesecake over in the US area and we also loved the bread salad that was before you got into Canada. My list could go on and on, but making discoveries is a lot of fun...


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Thu, 09-04-2003 - 5:49pm

Any restaurants in WDW will accomodate your children. They always have options for the kids as they are a huge part of the income! Epcot has the most variety when it comes to food, and I especially love San Angel Inn, Mexico, and Rose and Crown, UK. The Land is a great place for variety, and there is also standard American food in the American Pavilion. You really don't have much to worry about anywhere you decide. For exotic, try Morrocco. The food is excellent and it is the most unique restaurant, IMO. When you call for PS, ask the reservationist about the menus. I have a feeling that if there is nothing the kids like on the menu, the restaurant is prepared to accomodate with something else.

Good luck,

Have fun!