Do you recommend MVMCP?

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Do you recommend MVMCP?
Mon, 09-17-2012 - 6:29pm

Can't decide if it's worth it.  It's going on one of our nights there.  But it's $58.95 + tax each, and we're spending more on the flight than I anticipated, plus the food, and the room was more (but I'm using Disney Rewards to pay for it!).  Still, I don't see us doing this probably ever again.  It's just me and Meredith, so it wouldn't be *too* awful lol!

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Mon, 09-17-2012 - 8:46pm

We bought tickets for MVMCP 5 times.   Of those, 3 times were very well worth it, one wasn't - and the other time we gave away our tickets due to the crowds before the party.

They have a wonderful, special parade.   They have Christmas music playing, snow falling down Main Street.   They have had characters out that you don't always see - one year we met the Queen of Hearts.   They have some really fun dance parties - one year my DDs got to dance with Jessie, Woody & Bullseyes.  Another year they danced with the Tremaines (my DH John Travolta danced with Drizella).    It really set a great mood for us.    The girls and I went in March this year, it was the first time no MVMCP for us - and I missed all the holiday decor/spirt.

What we don't enjoy is crowds.    Some times are more crowded than others.    Friday nights, the day they were filming the Christmas parade (I know it's silly but we bought our tickets a long time before we knew they were filming that day).     Last parties for the year, the party before Thanksgiving break (as there are no parties the week of Thanksgiving).

So whether or not it would be worth it - depends on what you are looking for.   If I were going when the party was offered, even with my history with them (3 great, 2 not so great) I'd still go.   I asked my non-Disney DH if he thought it was worth it (granted he has no clue what the tickets cost) and he said yes.