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Mon, 05-02-2011 - 2:11pm

We have been unable to catch Fantasmic during our previous trips to Disney World.


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What month are you going? has a calendar, and I'll post a direct link if you tell me the month.

We just caught Fantasmic! for the first time this past trip. When Aly was little, I was afraid she'd be scared (she never liked the villains), then when she was old enough, we didn't really have a desire to see it. This was the first trip we saw it, and it was great, but once was enough for me, I would be okay not seeing it again.

That said, we REALLY lucked out with our timing!!!! There were 2 shows, 7 and 9 (??). We got to the theater about 6:15 (without dinner package), and the show seating (minus the one section for the dinner package) was half full 45 minutes before the show. We never WAITED...we walked right in and sat down (it is a VERY VERY VERY long walk). After we got seated, I went for food. Inside the theater area, there are things like hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, spiced nuts. You can grab food (much better food) from the counter services outside the theater (I didn't want to walk that far, and we didn't grab it beforehand because we didn't know the wait situation...thought we'd be standing until closer to the show waiting for a seat). We finished our food before the show.

I'm going to give you a warning about after the show at the end of my post, but wanted to tell you what we witnessed about the next show.

About 30 minutes after the show ended, people were lined up in mobs for the next show. Like I said, we did not wait at all..we were only 45 minutes early, and the theater was only half full (minus the one section, so we were one section to the left of the very middle). So I have no idea what time you would have had to wait to get a good seat for the second show (I thought I'd heard the second show was always less crowded due to the dinner packages, but really it was only one section for the packages). They were still seating people when we were finished eating, probably 15 minutes before show time (before actual show time, the show was 10-15 minutes late).

Now, all that said, word of warning about the exit!!! Everybody goes out in the same direction to the right of the theater (same way they came in). BUT, there is a fork in which some go toward the entrance (right next to the entrance of the park), and some go to the Tower of Terror area. Mobs and mobs of people walking.

Mike told Aly, "If we get separated, go to the exit." (I thought he meant exit of the theater...he meant exit of park). Well, Aly didn't get separated, MIKE did...and he went OUT the park to wait for us. We forked right and ended up waiting for a few minutes to see if he'd pass us...then went in the gift shop (TOT). We finally reached him by phone, and he couldn't even come to us (I had his ticket). So, we had to leave and go to him. (Aly was upset she didn't get to finish looking at the gift shop...we had already decided not to use our TSMM fast passes at this point, but since she wanted to go back in, we did and went to TSMM, too).