Fantasmic for 3 1/2 yr old??

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Fantasmic for 3 1/2 yr old??
Wed, 09-10-2003 - 10:29am
Ok,here's my dilmena. The only night that there are fireworks and spectromagic are on Saturday during our trip. We are meeting up with old friends and their kids who are just coming for the day on Saturday to see us and I haven't seen my girlfriend but one time since I was in her wedding when we were 22. So I feel privileged that she and her dh and two kids are driving 3 hrs. from Boca to meet up with us. They are not going to nap their kids ( I think) so I feel torn between leaving to nap our dd so she can return later for fireworks and spectromagic or just spending the day w/ our friends. I really think I should just spend the time w/ our friends and dd won't know what she's missing anyway- we'll catch the 3p parade instead.

Then I started wondering if she'd like Fantasmic at MGM. I can't remember if I read a post about it or not - if it was for younger kids. She did not like Fantasia much at all so would this be a flop for her? We can always do movie night and marshmallows w/ Chip and Dale instead. She'll never know that she missed anything. Personally I am kinda bummed because I'd like to see the Spectromagic parade and Fireworks but that may have to wait until next trip unless our friends kids fall asleep in their strollers and they need to park it and let them nap- in which case, we'd go back to our cabin and nap too. But I have to kinda leave it open.

Any input on Fantasmic for a 3 1/2 yr old? ( who isn't scared of much but loud noises bother her). And how early do you have to get there- do you need PS?

Oh, and one other question- is the transportation between parks good? We will be going to MK on the first day for CRT but then I want to leave for MGM since we will be spending the entire next day at MK. Can I catch a bus from MK to MGM or would it be easier to take ferry back to resort and drive?

Thanks ladies- you have really helped me so much in planning this trip! 8 days and counting!

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Wed, 09-10-2003 - 10:52am
Don't miss any show if you can help it. Spectromagic is great, and my two year old loved the Fantasmic show last year and cant wait to see it this week.
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Wed, 09-10-2003 - 1:36pm

No real input on the shows since it's been 2 1/2 years since I've been to WDW HOWEVER... Last time I was there I took my 2 1/2 year old DD. Since I was staying with my friend who lives in Orlando I didn't want to lug all the way home to nap. I went out and bought a cheepo stroller that reclines (and folds). DD fell asleep no problem every day. While I couldn't go on any rides or anything, I could walk around and still be a the parks. There is so much to even SEE at MK, AK, etc.

Have fun! I'm jealous. We aren't going until January.




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Wed, 09-10-2003 - 1:43pm
I agree with gwen but also, I think a lot depends on whether you'll be making a return trip back to WDW. We went in May with our 5 and 2-1/2 yo. There were so many things I wanted to see and we didn't (including the 3pm parade at MK, the parade at AK and Illuminations in Epcot; in fact, now that I think about it, we didn't even stick around for the fireworks in MK after Spectro, we were too tired and it was crowded). So my mantra became "we'll do it next time". LOL Like you said, your kids won't know if they've missed something. My DD5 saw the Disney planning video a dozen times and could rattle off every attraction and show but she never knew (or realized) that we'd missed all of the above. LOL

When you're travelling with little ones, you play a lot by ear. A nap (or just a rest) is always a good thing mid-day; without one, the kids might not be in good shape or spirits for staying up late for the stuff you want to see. Another option for taking a break but still hanging with your friend might be to make a lunch time PS - you'll be in a nice cool restaurant, maybe your dD will nap or just take a breather from "disney park overload" LOL and then you and your friends can catch up over your meal.

As for Fantasmic, I was on the fence about this one too. I had read that there were a lot villains and loud noises, firework type things. I wasn't sure how my 2yo would hold up and I was afraid that my 5yo would freak out. We were fortunate enough to get the free Planning video from WDW's site (I'm not sure if it's available anymore and I doubt you'd get it before you leave), so both got to see snippets of it. My DD5 insisted that we see it - so I talked her through it. There are lots of special effects, including a large Dragon from sleeping beauty. The whole theme is the Villains invade Mickey's dreams but of course, he wins in the end (something I stressed! LOL) But there are lots of other nice things and effects too, including the Princesses. I know I didn't help much here - you know your dd best - you might want to take a chance and just warn her about the bad stuff and tell her it's all make-believe and mickey will win. I'm sure there were loud noises with some of the effects, so prepare her for that too.

They do offer a PS for a Fantasmic Dinner Pkg. Don't know if it's too late to get but you can call Disney Dine and find out. We did this and had a great buffet meal at Hollywood & Vine around 5:30 or 6pm. We were given special vouchers that allowed us into a special entrance to Fantasmic. You show up before 8:30 (for a 9pm show) and have your pick of seats in a certain section. We got great seats - something like the 5th row, but you might want to sit further back if you're worried it might be too intense for her.

As for as transportation, you know i'm not sure LOL I can't remember if the buses travel from park to park. I don't think we travelled directly from one park to another - we usually went back to the resort for a swim before heading out again. I can tell you the transportation system in general worked well for us. we didn't touch our car for the entire 7 nights we were there! LOL

Have lots of fun with whatever you do and don't forget to tell us all about it when you get home!!

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Wed, 09-10-2003 - 2:03pm
I can help with this one, maybe? My girls did NOT like Fantasmic! It was very loud and focused on the villians. I thought it was cool but the "bad" people scared my kids. My girls are 5 and 3.


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Wed, 09-10-2003 - 8:38pm
I can't answer the Fantasmic question as MY 6 year old would not like it at all!

But on the long as you're not leaving just after something big has ended at MK (either parade, fireworks), and not going to MGM when something big is starting (the only thing I can think of is Fantasmic), the busses are pretty good. You may have to wait a while for one to get there, but it won't be crowded. But if you leave one park at the end of something and head to another park, you don't have to wait to SEE a bus coming...they have several coming one after another, but you have to wait A LONG time to get on and it will be crowded.


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Thu, 09-11-2003 - 10:26am
It is an intense show, but you know your kid the best. If they like the villans, and the good v. evil thing, it will be great for her. Dd could nver get through Sleeping Beauty until she was 6 or so, the dragon freaked her out! So that would not have been the show for her. But now, at age 9 she loved it!

Take the buses, driving in DW is hard. There are confusing signs. Some roads only let you turn one way, so you have to take the long way around, especially from Ft. Wilderness! We were happy to leave the car!

P.S. the pool at Ft. Wilderness was perfect last week! Enjoy!