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Does anyone know how often Fantasmic! is closed due to weather?

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Wish I could answer this.

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I found this on Lou Mongello's website posted by someone:

what up guys, two or three years ago I went to see Fantasmic for the first time at MGM. The weather seemed to look like a bad storm was looming and the show staff notified that the show would have to be postponed for a few minutes(i think we waited around 25-30 min.) to see if the weather was going to get any worse. The weather cooperated long enough to let the show go on but the dragon did not look anything like that of the pics in the pamphlets and schedules. The dragon was like just a neck and had some kind of steamers instead of skin. It seemed as an alternative option to decrease the risk of damage to the original version that probably used more electricity and was more expensive. Also spots on the stage that seemed an obvious entrance for a moajor occuence in the show were never used. Not really a rumor but just curious. Can anyone confirm of an alternate dragon or of a bad weather-inclined version of Fantasmic?
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