Happy New Year

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Happy New Year
Sun, 01-06-2013 - 8:09pm


Have not been here for a while.  Got derailed when ivillage changed the boards and then I started my new job.  Work has been tough but am adjusting...We are assigned a 2 bedroom apartment through the hospital and we are moving in february!! We have to buy a lot of new furniture (any suggestions) but are excited to be in a bigger place that does not cost as much as a regular 2 bedroom in NYC.

Our trip was great!! The DREAM was beautiful and we had a great time.  Have been wanting to write a TR. WIll try!! IF you have questions, let me know.
Hope you are all well!! Hope 2013 is magical for all of you!!


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Mon, 01-07-2013 - 4:53pm

I hope even though the new job is tough, you are finding it a great change.

I'm so glad to read your cruise was good.  Several of us were worried with the timing of Sandy that you might be effected.   

I hope your family has a wonderful 2013!!   

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Wed, 01-09-2013 - 7:24am
Happy New Year!!! Glad to hear you had a good trip. Hopefully you are enjoying the start of the year as you settle into your job.


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Sun, 01-13-2013 - 11:17am

Happy New Year, Yuliya! Great news on your apartment and happy furniture shopping - we've been looking for a new living room set as mine has officially kicked the bucket after 18 yrs.  There should be lots of good deals this month though so hope you find what you need/like.

Good luck in the new job - I know you'll do great!

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Tue, 01-15-2013 - 9:34pm

Congratulations on the new place!  I have no suggestions for furniture.  NC is the furniture capital of the US, so we have lots of great places here.  Although, the furniture industry has lost many jobs to overseas, too :(

So glad to hear your cruise was great!  I just asked my family yesterday if they'd rather take a cruise or go to Hawaii.  I honestly don't know which will be cheaper lol!  The flights to HI are outrageous!

Hope you get to write a trip report sometime (relatively) soon.

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Sat, 02-02-2013 - 9:29pm
Happy "old" year, by now. I haven't been on the boards in a while, either!!! Glad to hear you're adjusting to the new job. Yay for a larger place, and I hope you've gotten it furnished by now!