Heather, here's your scavenger hunt

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Heather, here's your scavenger hunt
Sat, 04-05-2003 - 8:03am
if you haven't already left yet (or if you have your laptop! lol) I went to bed early last night sorry!

5 Easy

1. Locate someone in "dressy" clothes in the parks (skirt and heels, suit etc)

2. Get someone to take a picture of your family outside of your favorite ride.

3. save a fast pass

4. Ticket from any of the parks to pick up a picture the CM took of your family at one of the icons

5. Find something free that you can bring home that says Boardwalk

5 Hard

1. Where in the MK can you get a pressed penny of Mickey in a Fire fighters outfit?

2. a picture of someone in your famly tasting "Beverly" at Ice Station Cool

3. describe (or buy if you'd like) the attraction photo of you on Rockin Roller Coaster or ToT

4. Find 3 hidden Mickey's in AK

5. describe (or take a pic) of how they clean up the confetti after a parade.

Hope you haven't left yet or can access this!