Need help with itinerary

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Need help with itinerary
Thu, 07-31-2014 - 10:11am

So this will be our 3rd mother/daughter trip to WDW for the Food & Wine Festival.  We are going 10/15-10/19 (Wed evening to Sun early afternoon).  Meredith (14) and I are both foodies, so the first year we were at Epcot probably every day of our trip.  Last year, we went our first evening, then Thursday and again for a culinary demonstration. 

Since we've been twice already, the newness has worn off and we don't feel like we have to go every day.  We want to avoid the weekends as I've heard the locals can get loud and rambunctious (or should I just say drunk lol!).  We will most likely go Wed. evening again because we can hit the booths for supper, plus we are staying at the Yacht Club!  Yay!  We have to go Saturday morning because I booked the Parisian Breakfast from 9:00 - 10:30 am at Chefs de France.  After that, I plan to leave Epcot and park hop somewhere else. 

I'd like to do Epcot on Thursday to avoid the weekend.  However, maybe Friday doesn't get bad until evening?  The other thing is MK has early EMH on Thurs., so I'd like to do it then.  What do you think?  The bad thing is, DHS has early EMH on Sat., but we have the breakfast that morning in Epcot.  So do we head to DHS around 11 am, knowing that EMH makes that park more crowded?  We've never taken advantage of EMH before, so maybe we should have the mentality to avoid the park with EMH.  Thoughts?

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Thu, 07-31-2014 - 4:31pm

How fun!! I've always wanted to go for F&W but somehow it never works out during that time of the year. 

That is definitely some tricky scheduling. I don't know how the crowds in the fall compare to the spring, but we found EMH to be awfully crowded. The only advantage was that it gave an extra hour, but that hour was not necessarily magic, lol! Still packed with people at least, and then it just got even worse throughout the day. 

Saturday is the biggest problem. Epcot will be packed because of locals coming for F&W, MK will be packed simply b/c it's Saturday, traditionally the busiest day there, and DHS will be packed because of EMH. lists all 3 of them as "Not Recommeded". Sure you don't want to go to AK on Saturday?? Lol!

Actually does give a slight edge to MK on Saturday. That would probably be my pick. Especially if you make some FP ressies for early afternoon. And that's the one park that I think people have had good success with getting the 4th FP (and beyond) even later into the afternoon. 

I'm thinking Epcot will be fine on Friday until late/afternoon evening. Although Thursday would be even better, and DHS should be in pretty good shape on Friday. 

Can't wait to hear how it goes!!

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Thu, 08-14-2014 - 4:05am

Exciting!!!! I have to agree with Jaime that EMH's are very crowded! I know it is a WDW resort selling point but I don't really understand why!  I like the idea or HS on Thursday and then MK after Epcot for Saturday. I would just double check the night hours at MK to be sure MNSSHP isn't happening.  Also, good choice to avoid F&W on weekend nights... we didn't and while we did see some folks who had drank a bit too much what really bothered me were the crowds on a Saturday night and our dates were similar to yours the year we did F&W ...  Happy Planning!