Ok I caved and just decided to go for it

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Ok I caved and just decided to go for it
Tue, 09-09-2003 - 2:45pm
I just booked us 4 nights at the All-Star Movies. I had read some online reviews about the off-site place that we originally planned on and a few (3-4) of them said they saw bugs and roaches while there...ACCCKKK! So I called DH and told him to cancel our reservations there and that we were going to get a different room at a better hotel. After comparing rates and such, the All-Star was not really *that* much more....plus we get to park free and get in the parks EARLY! So in the end, it seemed worth it. It'll be nice to be able to run back to the room mid-day so the little ones can rest/pool. Thanks for all the great advice! Now I am so excited that I can barely sit still! YAY!


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Tue, 09-09-2003 - 2:49pm
Missy, I know you are excited!! Continue to try with CRO to see if a FL resident rate pops up. It might!! If it does, then they should be able to convert your reservation to that...

The difference in the cost will be made up by the convenience and the transportation.

Happy Planning!