Ok ladies...we're 4 weeks from depature!!!!!

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Ok ladies...we're 4 weeks from depature!!!!!
Sat, 01-15-2011 - 2:40pm

...and I don't even know where to begin!!

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First, where are you staying?

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Thank you SO much for your reply and your tips and tidbits!

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Hey Missi! M'Shel gave you lots of great info and tips so I'll just piggy back on her post.

Since you do have a little one, it would probably be nice to schedule at least one character meal - Chef Mickey's is always fun and a great way to see Mickey and the Gang. Now people have been able to make dining reservations 180 days ahead of time so I'm not sure what will be available for your dates but it never hurts to check it out. Check out M'Shel's link or call Disney Dining and let them tell you what's available for your dates. You may be surprised.

Disney is always adding or changing something in the parks so for a nice virtual walk-thru by way of photos and descriptions, check out www.allearsnet.com to see what the latest attractions are in each park. M'Shel's already mentioned Toy Story Mania at DHS (formerly Disney MGM) - it's a super fun ride but hugely popular. Go there first for either a Fast Pass as M'Shel suggested or check out the Stand By time - we usually travel during Easter break (you want to talk busy?! LOL) and we found it was easier to do Standy By first thing rather than wait for the same amount of time for a FP. Star Tours is closed for a major rehab - I believe it's expected to re-open in May or June. Expedition Everest is the super popular attraction at AK; Epcot''s biggest draws are Soarin' and Test Track but for your 4yo, the Living Seas has been revamped to a Nemo theme with a Nemo ride as well. The MK is undergoing a big rehab - Toontown is shutting down on Feb 11th (will you just miss it?) and Fantasyland is getting a big expansion -so be prepared for things to look different or not accessible while you're there. Check out the rehab listing here: http://allears.net/tp/rehabs.htm#feb

Ooh, some older attractions have been re-introduced to WDW: the Main Street Electric Parade is now running in the MK instead of the nighttime parade, Spectro-Magic. Also, Captain EO (starring the late Michael Jackson) has also been brought back to Epcot, taking the place temporarily of Honey I Shrunk the Audience.

I totally agree with M'Shel's advice to get there for park opening. It's a necessity for us during Easter but we've done it at off times too. Walking on attractions without long waits always beats missing out on the fun. By the time you start feeling the crowd level rise, you'll be ready for a meal break.
Lastly, enjoy yourself! Afterall, You're Going to Disney!!!!

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