Planning a November trip

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Planning a November trip
Thu, 05-08-2003 - 2:12pm
And I am a total newbie. I see your posts about CRT (which I figured out what it was, but what does it stand for?), new codes, etc. and I am totally bewildered! LOL!

Anybody want to jump in and tell me where to start? Our group will be me and DH, with our two great kids - 6 & 3. MAYBE my SIL too, I don't know.

We are planning on staying "on-site". I am totally lost, here, too. The disney site - to the best I can figure - doesn't describe the transit from the different resorts to the different parks. So I don't how long the trip from - say - Animal Kingdom Lodge is to - say - the Magic Kingdom. Or the means of transportation, for that matter.

MANY MANY years ago (have mercy - has it been 17?) I made the trip with my sister and her kids and we stayed at the Polynesian. It was fabulous, and being able to take either the boat or the monorail was very nice. I kind of thought that was available at most Disney properties, but I am finding that is not the case. I'm leaning toward that same resort just for that reason.


any information you experienced Disney folks can provide will be very helpful in planning our trip.



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Thu, 05-08-2003 - 2:43pm
Hi And Welcome :)

I'll try to answer your questions the best I can..

CRT is Cinderellas Royal Table.. its a character breakfast with Cinderella in the castle park admission is required to get in.

You can find codes and latest values at mousesavers site.

For four of you you can pretty much stay at any of the hotels on site.. if you have a fifth person you might need to stay in a suite or at the FW Cabins.

I read that you would like to stay close to the MK to get there by boat or monorail.. Your options would be the Poly, Wilderness Lodge, or campgrounds, Grand Floridian or the Contemporary hotel. There are also the Swan, Boardwalk and Yacht & Beach Clubs that are within walking distance to Epcot, or boat to MGM.

November should be value season so if you find the codes or deals on the mousesavers site you could save yourself alot of $$ :)

I have stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and the transportation is pretty much like any other bus ride from the other hotels. The longest ride would probably be 15 min to get to MK from AKL.

I suggest getting one of those travel books they sell in the disney store to help you out with planning your trip. And if you have any other questions just ask.. Im sure you'll get it answered here!

Happy Planning!


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Thu, 05-08-2003 - 3:16pm
Thanks SO much for the information! I had no idea about the mousesavers site -- what great information! And that Fairytale package might just pursuade me to travel in October instead of November (planning around a school day off).

Thanks - I'm going to keep checking for more information!


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Fri, 05-09-2003 - 7:20am
Hi Tracie and Welcome to the board! I see you have received some excellent advice already! I wanted to say that as for November, the first week of Nov up until Veteran's Day is Jersey Week and DW is massively crowded then (no school that week in NJ). I had never heard of Jersey Week until this past November!

I see you may be changing your travel dates to October, so it wouldn't be an issue, but I wanted to mention Jersey Week to you in case you decide to go in November.




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Fri, 05-09-2003 - 7:41am

I would never have known! We're still very new in the planning phase, so our date is still up in the air. But I do know we'll avoid the crowds of Jersey Week!